Dark Matter – A Scottish Spiced Rum!

Dark Matter Spiced Rum – 40%

Scotland’s first rum distillery has given us Christmas in a bottle – Dark Matter Spiced Rum! Every step of the process has been carried out at the distillery – everything from storing the molasses to fermentation, distillation and spice preparation as well as bottling, labelling and packaging. The molasses from the sugar cane is also manufactured in the UK. The outcome is very aromatic and dark, almost black, in colour.

Dark Matter differs from most other spiced rums by having focus on the spiciness rather than the more usual vanilla flavour. The spices used are ginger, allspice berries, long pepper seeds and fresh green peppercorns. darkmatterrumOther notes you can expect are plum, raisin and a hint of chilli.

Why not try it in a Bloody Mary or in a shot with some cinnamon and cream? Delicious!


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