Cazcabel Honey

Cazcabel Honey Tequila – 34%

Cazcabel Honey is the world’s first honey tequila produced in the Jalisco region. The base of this rich tequila is 100% blue agave blanco, which nicely balances the sweet honey with its citrusy notes. The texture is smooth and almost caramel-like. I have tried some honey-based spirits before and often they have an artificial flavour to them, but Cazcabel Honey Tequila tastes anything but artificial; the taste is full of fresh honey.

It’s a perfect after-dinner drink poured over ice, or why not pair it with a selection of cheeses as a dessert? I am honey tequilacurrently working on some exciting cocktail recipes with Cazcabel products which I will be sharing with you very soon! Meanwhile, if you fancy something different to sip on during the Christmas holidays you can buy Cazcabel Honey Tequila from

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