SISU – A Nordic-inspired rooftop bar in the centre of London

Sisu is the new cocktail hotspot located on a rooftop on bustling Oxford Street. However, when you make it all the way to the top, you’ll find an instant Nordic calm – at least until all the queues start. There is a lot of wood and plants and that Scandinavian simplicity that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and wanting to stay for some time.

A lot of thought has gone into the site, and if you love a Negroni, Sisu is where you need to be right now! They have not one but two (!) Negroni machines, both operated by special coins. You can buy the coins beforehand or on the day for £8 each. One coin will give you one Negroni or an Old Fashioned. You insert the coin into the funky-looking machinery and select your drink, and it will magically pour into your glass. Fill the glass with ice and a slice and enjoy a very tasty Negroni!


There is also a small list of other cocktails on the menu, with a choice of two sizes, regular £8 and large £13. All cocktails are served in jars, which kind of goes with the theme. But for me this feels a little old and dated (surely it’s time to come up with something other than jam jars?). But the main thing is the cocktails are tasty! There’re a few wines on the menu labelled under ‘nice’, ‘nicer’ and ‘nicest’, as well as a selection of Camden Town Brewery beers.


There are no signs for the bar on street level, but after 6pm the queues will give away the location. Make sure you book a table for groups over 6 or make your way there early enough to secure one of the log tables (ideally before 5pm). There is also a little greenhouse in the middle, with seating designed to be used as a restaurant space. Sisu offers a selection of international street food, such as miso aubergine tacos, fried chicken waffles, crispy squid with shredded kimchi, cheesy chips with gravy, and cheeseburger sliders with or without blue cheese and pickled jalapeños.

Capacity at Sisu is up to 100 people, and they serve drinks from midday to 10pm every day until late September. Whether you are only visiting London or live there, Sisu is definitely worth a visit. Take a break during your Oxford Street shopping spree or meet up with the girlfriends for a relaxed afternoon in the Nordic bliss.

Address: 535 Oxford Street, London W1C 2QW

*Please note there is no lift to the top.

FUN FACT – Sisu is a Finnish word. It doesn’t have a direct translation into English, but loosely translated it means the strength, determination and bravery of the Finnish people, “the Finnish spirit”.

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