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Are you a Gin lover? Do you enjoy learning more about exciting new Gin brands or just having a night out in good company whilst sipping Gin? Then you will love Brighton Gin Club!

The beginning

Jo and Jason, the team behind Brighton Gin Club, originally wanted to put on “Brighton GIN Festival” back in 2016, but unfortunately they were slow off the mark and were beaten to it. The couple then started Gin fan groups on social media, which helped them to establish a great Gin community. At the same time, Jo was developing a “Brew Your GIN” brand, and as a big part of the project they had to (“had to”… like it was a hardship) try several Gins to learn more about the botanicals and the compound Gin-making process.

Obviously it was easy to go around big Gin festivals sampling hundreds of Gins, but it was the interesting backstories of these smaller distilleries that gave Jo and Jason the idea for their new project, “Meet the Maker” night. They built a basic website, launched the first event on Facebook, and the Brighton Gin Club was born!

Gin events

It doesn’t stop at “Meet the Maker” events. Brighton Gin Club also hosts “Gin & Cheese”, “Gin & Seafood”, “Gin & Curry”, as well as “Gin Quiz” and “Ginbingo” nights. And many more Gintastic events are planned for the near future around Brighton and the nearby area. For each event the Gins are carefully selected and paired with the food and the theme.

You might also have heard about “The Festival of Sussex GINs” from last summer. It was the first festival hosted by Brighton Gin Club. There are plans for a return next summer…

Gin & Cheese night last week was excellent! It was hosted in Hove at La Cave à Fromage, a wonderful cheese shop I recommend you pay a visit to sometime. Together with Brighton Gin Club, the event was hosted by nginious!, a small Gin brand from Switzerland.

Nginious! is a unique brand, which plays around with many local Swiss botanicals. Even their bottles are fun and different. The bottle shape is similar to a hipflask, but each bottle is covered with a different material, anything from wood, leather to rubber (a swimming cap to be precise…).

gin and cheese

salted gin

On arrival, the guests were greeted with nginious! Summer Gin together with Fentimans Tonic Water. Anyone who has tried Fentimans Tonic Water knows that you either love it or hate it due to the added botanicals. I am the latter and therefore could not really taste the Gin through the tonic…

But the next three samples were delicious! I had all three neat as they all had so much flavour and I felt the tonic would have disrupted the tasting experience. Nginious! Cocchi Vermouth Cask would make a delicious Martini! The Gin is aged about five months in Vermouth di Torino barrels first used to age Barolo and then Cocchi Vermouth. When drunk together with the cheese, you could really taste the liquorice and some oriental spices. A very nice sipping Gin.

We also tried nginious! Ngroni, which is a blend of nginious! Swiss Blended Gin, Sweet Vermouth from Piedmont and Swiss Bitter. I found it sweeter and less bitter than your usual Negroni cocktail, but it paired well with the selected cheese.

Last, but certainly not least, was nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin. They warned us we would either love it or hate it, but I really can’t see how anyone would hate this Gin! It was beautiful! Overall, a very enjoyable evening!

What’s next for Brighton Gin Club?

They are working on a Gin membership as we speak! If you are based in Brighton & Hove area, or anywhere nearby, this is something you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Next events coming up…

12th Dec 2017Gin & Cheese Night*: £38 includes four Gins and three cheeses. (As it is getting close to Christmas you can expect Mulled Gin, Christmas Pudding Gin…)

20th Dec 2017Christmas Charity Gin Quiz: the £25 ticket includes a meal and a welcome Gin Fizz. (They are raising money for Sussex Cancer Fund.)

*Last time we were able to buy the selected Gins for a very good price, and you will also receive a 10% discount on all the cheeses at the end of the event!

Brighton Gin Club Giveaway!!

gin brew kit.JPG

I have teamed up with BGC to give you a chance to win “Brew Your Gin” -kit. The winner will receive a kit to make Mulled Gin.

Simply follow On the Sauce Again and Brighton Gin Club on Twitter or Facebook, share this post and answer the question below.

What is currently your favourite Gin and why? 

Competition ends Friday 24th November 2017. Good luck!

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  1. My current fav is Rhubarb and ginger Edinburgh Gin without a mixer, just ice it tastes amazing. My all time favourite is Plymouth because it tastes like parma violets to me. @NaomiSFB on twitter

  2. I got some Whitley Neill rhubarb and ginger gin for my birthday that I’m currently enjoying. I’m not usually one that enjoys flavoured spirits but I find the spice of the ginger really compliments this one.

  3. My current favourite is Bathtub Gin which I received as a gift for my birthday. Simply I love the taste both neat over ice and with Fever Tree light tonic

  4. My favourite at the moment is Rose Rock, it has a delicious aromatic taste and comes from the very north of Scotland (like my husband). 😉

  5. My favourite is Pothecary Gin as I love the lavender and the makers are very passionate. I really want to try their Limited Edition Sicilian Blend

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