Bimber Distillery’s Oak-Aged Vodka

This new London-based distillery has started with a bang – and even in a crowded market, they are offering something new, something different!

I am a big fan of all their delicious products, but it is the award-winning oak-aged vodka that’s the perfect drink to keep you warm during these cold autumn months.  Serve it on the rocks with an orange twist or in a cocktail, or why not try it in an Old-Fashioned. I love a good hot toddy in the winter, and this oak-aged vodka is just perfect for the purpose; it fits like a hand in a glove (see how I used a winter reference there…)!

Oak-aged vodka has been around for centuries in Poland yet it still remains fairly unknown in most parts of Western Europe.


Bimber’s oak-aged vodka is distilled four times before it is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for three to six months. Each barrel has a slightly different history, which allows each batch to take on different flavour and colour characteristics from the barrel used. This method will make each batch that little bit extra-special, and drinking it never gets boring!

Before maturation, some cinnamon, vanilla and cloves are added in with the vodka, and the mix is left to rest in the barrels. The final spirit is a beautiful combination of the slight smokiness of the oak, ripe bananas and maple syrup. Doesn’t that sound just what you need for this winter?

Did you know all Bimber products are distilled in small batches with no artificial ingredients?

And now they have kindly teamed up with On the Sauce Again to give one lucky reader a chance to win a bottle of their amazing oak-aged vodka! To enter, answer the question below by leaving a comment and share this post on either Twitter or Facebook. The winner will be selected on 13th October 2016.

Bimber is a Polish word – what does it mean?


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