Random Leftover Bottles – What to Do with Them?

random leftover bottles

We all have one or two leftover bottles at the back of the cupboard that are simply collecting dust. Maybe someone gifted you a bottle of brandy or you bought some banana liqueur because you really wanted to try the recipe on Instagram, or perhaps you tried a cocktail on holiday and decided to bring […]

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What Is Smoked Grappa and How to Serve It?

smoked grappa

Bepi Tosolini Smoked Grappa, 40% ABV, is a unique and versatile product, which can be enjoyed in many ways. This is a perfect spirit for those who usually enjoy a peated whisky or even mezcal. This award-winning smoked grappa is made using artisanal methods, which require a lot of patience, time, and an eye for […]

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12 Smoke-Fuelled Bottles for Winter

smoky talisker bottle

These smoky bottles will offer warming spices, chilli kicks and memories of bonfire that will definitely keep you nice and toasty. Also, if you aren’t able to celebrate Bonfire Night (5th Nov) but wish to experience the smoke and fire flavours at home, these bottlings are for you! I have selected a range of spirits […]

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A Quick Guide to Grappa

I haven’t written about grappa for a while, and my previous articles focus a lot on specific distilleries. I thought it might be helpful just to offer an all-rounder on the category, a beginner’s guide to grappa, if you wish. Let’s start with the basics. What is grappa? Grappa is a spirit made using what […]

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Bepi Tosolini – For the Love of Grappa and Family

After my first experiences in 2015 I had a chance to visit another grappa distillery in the heart of the Friulian foothills – the distillery Bepi Tosolini. Since the first trip in this region my interest increased further towards the production of grappa, which takes place in such a short, intense window each year. Grappa is such a […]

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Grappa Production in Pictures

The grappa harvest takes place as soon as the grapes have become ripe enough, in order to obtain fresh vinaccia. The freshness of the vinaccia is the key of making a top quality grappa. The grapes are then destemmed and softly pressed, in order to separate the must (this is used to make wine) from […]

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Grappa – Moonshine or Just Fine?

Italian Grappa is taken like French Brandy or Spanish Sherry, but remains very much in their shadow as it is considered by many to be nothing more than branded moonshine. Italian restaurants all over the world serve this spirit made from leftovers, the vinaccia from wine production. This in itself doesn’t mean it has to be rubbish; […]

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The Making of Grappa

First of all, as my blog post stresses, there’s Grappa and there’s Grappa. Take the time to find the quality brands (such as Nonino, Bocchino, Berta or Bepi Tosolini) as they are well worth the effort and are a wonderful spirit. The difference is explained through the production methods which I’ve bashed out below. Grappa […]

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