8 Vodka Brands You Should Try

The vodka category is not always getting the spotlight it deserves, even if there are many premium quality vodkas out there. Below, I have listed eight vodka brands from various countries that are all worth a try. Some are silky, creamy and sweet, others are earthy and rustic. All ideal for sipping neat or used […]

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16 Ready-to-Drink Premixed Spirits Tested

Keepr's hard seltzers

Ready-to-drink (RTD) spirit cans have become rather popular in recent years, with many distilleries bringing out their own premixed G&Ts or, more recently, a hard seltzer. Hard seltzer is a spirit, usually vodka, mixed with flavoured sparkling water. These are lower in calories than your regular G&T due to the lack of sugar. I’ve been […]

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Vodka Martini Recipes with a Twist

Chase Original Potato Vodka Savoury Martini

As we are celebrating National Vodka Day this weekend, I have teamed up with Chase Distillery to create a range of vodka-based Martinis, or Vodkatinis. As well as the classic recipe, I have also included some with a (savoury) twist. Chase Original Potato Vodka Chase Distillery is known for its field-to-bottle process when it comes […]

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How to Make Flavoured Vodka at Home

Flavoured vodka in a jar

Making your own flavoured vodka is very easy, but there are a few things you should remember to achieve the best results. Flavoured vodka will transform your cocktails, and it makes a great alternative gift when you put extra thought into the bottle, labelling or decorations. Take one as a gift when you next visit […]

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Cosmopolitan Cocktail – Oh So Pretty in Pink

Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo between friends, is considered one of the best cocktails of our time. (Rolling my eyes here…) Made ever so popular by the ladies of Sex and the City, this pink drink was THE drink of the late 90s and early noughties. Personally, I have never seen the appeal – there are much […]

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10 Interesting Facts About Vodka

Vodka is not always getting the spotlight it deserves, even if there are many quality vodkas on the market. Below I have listed some things about vodka that you may not already know, topics you might use to impress your fellow drinkers.

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6 Drinks Vodka Has Hijacked From Gin… and We Love Them!

There are over 700 gin-based cocktail recipes, so it is appropriate they share some recipes with other spirits too! Most of the recipes below are known better as being made with gin, but they are just as delicious or even better when mixed with vodka (I can almost hear all the gin lovers gasp…).  The […]

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Try these! – All-natural vodka shots by PURE Shots!

PURE Shots from Denmark are designed with two purposes in mind: they are delicious served as shots (neither too strong nor too sweet) or mixed in many cocktails. Both Liquorice Shots and Pure Passion are made with only natural ingredients, and each bottle is carefully mixed to guarantee the best flavour possible. (Apparently, each mix […]

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Is Vodka really gluten-free??

Recently consumers have become more conscious of what they eat and drink, everyone wants to be healthy, and all of sudden, everyone is off gluten and dairy. This has influenced the marketing material of all things booze, especially when it comes to the labels. One claims to use only the purest Icelandic water, another is a hundred times distilled and twenty times filtered, and some are pointing out that they are gluten-free! But what is the truth behind these marketing gimmicks – is vodka really gluten-free and does the number of filtrations actually make any difference?

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