Social Media Management

Effective social media management is a key part of growing any drinks business. You can create long-lasting customer relationships and really connect to your target audience. This will be even more important in a post-pandemic world where traditional distribution networks will struggle and may even fail. We at On the Sauce Again constantly monitor and engage with current and potential consumers and influencers and enjoy significant reach and influence in the marketplace. Our inside knowledge and understanding of evolving customer tastes means we can help you share your brand message and directly reach new and loyal customers.

What we can offer:

  • Consultation
  • Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page management
  • Content & growth planning
  • Regular posting (at peak times, of course!)
  • Engagement and message response
  • Ad management
  • Competitions and promotions designed for your audience
  • Social media packages tailored to your goals
  • Setting up and launching social media accounts. 
  • Social media ‘take overs’ by On the Sauce Again

All leading to enhanced profile and sales for your brand.

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Inka Kukkamaki –

Trine Wahlmann – Social Media Manager

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