Random Leftover Bottles – What to Do with Them?

random leftover bottles

We all have one or two leftover bottles at the back of the cupboard that are simply collecting dust. Maybe someone gifted you a bottle of brandy or you bought some banana liqueur because you really wanted to try the recipe on Instagram, or perhaps you tried a cocktail on holiday and decided to bring […]

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How to Make Limoncello at Home

lemon tree

Limoncello is the easiest to make and you only need four ingredients: lemons, vodka, sugar and water. Bring it as a gift to a dinner party or use to create a tasty aperitif at home. What is Limoncello? Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur, which is mainly produced in the south of the country around […]

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What Is Amaro and How to Serve It?

Always wondered how Italians can eat several courses from bruschetta to pasta to big chunks of meat to tiramisu and then some? The key is to eat slowly and finish the meal with the right drink. After that cheese platter there’s a quick espresso with plenty of sugar to wake you up, followed by a […]

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Green Chartreuse – Elixir of Long Life

Green Chartreuse

Green Chartreuse, the king of liqueurs, has a bright green colour and complex flavour. It is an ancient herbal liqueur produced by Chartreuse monks in France. The taste is unique, with sweet but herbal notes. A very enjoyable liqueur served on its own and in many cocktails. A brief history Back in 1605, the Chartreuse […]

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4 Delicious Cocktails with Jägermeister

Long gone are the days of Jägermeister and Red Bull. The brand has gone through an image change and ditched the syrupy energy drinks. I had the pleasure to meet with a Jägermeister representative to find out what the hype is. We met at the JägerHaus, which itself was pretty impressive (live music, DJs and […]

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Amaro and other Italian Bitters – Part 2

Before we look into Italian bitters, let’s recap a little. In part 1 we explored Italian Amari. Amaro is a bittersweet herbal liqueur which is especially popular in Italy. It is mainly served neat as an after-dinner drink, allegedly because of its medicinal benefits. Amaro means bitter, but Italians do not use the word amaro […]

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Amaro and other Italian Bitters – Part 1

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in Italy, so what better reason to write about Amaro and other bitter liqueurs Italians love to drink? You may be familiar with Italian aperitivo culture, where most drinks (including cocktails) are made with bitters such as Campari or Aperol. Digestifs, on the other hand, are mainly served neat or on the rocks and are more intense in flavour.

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