A Quick Guide to Mezcal

Corte Vetusto mezcal

What is Mezcal? Mezcal is a spirit from Mexico made from the heart (piña) of an agave plant. It takes from six to 35 years for an agave plant to grow. No other raw materials used to make a spirit take as long to mature. Mexicans consider mezcal to be part of their cultural heritage […]

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Mezcal vs Tequila

Over recent years we have experienced a flurry of Mexican restaurants in the UK, introducing customers to the secrets of Mexican drinking trends, and bringing us a wider selection of agave spirits. Unfortunately, that is still not quite enough, and these spirits are not as well known as you would expect. Some may be able […]

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Mezcal – How it’s made

There are around 1,200 Mezcal distilleries in Mexico. Most Mezcal is produced in small batches as the distilleries are small family-run businesses, passed on from generation to generation. These micro-distilleries don’t have large-scale equipment, and most parts of the processes are done by hand and under the close care of the person in charge of […]

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