12 Smoke-Fuelled Bottles for Winter

smoky talisker bottle

These smoky bottles will offer warming spices, chilli kicks and memories of bonfire that will definitely keep you nice and toasty. Also, if you aren’t able to celebrate Bonfire Night (5th Nov) but wish to experience the smoke and fire flavours at home, these bottlings are for you!

I have selected a range of spirits and premixed cocktails that will bring the memories of Bonfire Night to you in no time. For extra effect, sip these by the fireplace.

1 Burning Barn Smoked Rum, 70cl, £31.44 (40% ABV)

This is a fireplace in a bottle. Cold smoked with local Warwickshire apple wood, with hints of burnt caramel and apples. Intense smoke with a fiery finish.

smoked rum

2 Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum, 70cl, £27.95 (41% ABV)

Made with aged demerara rum from Guyana together with botanicals such as pine-smoked lapsang souchong, cardamom, fig, and grains of paradise. Perfect winter flavours! Recommended in a Daiquiri.

smoked rum

3 Port Charlotte 10-Year-Old, 70cl, £43.27 (50% ABV)

This one is full of lovely barbecue smokiness, subtle sweetness, and salinity. It is peated to 40ppm. This whisky is a combination of spirits from first-fill American whiskey casks (65%), second-fill French wine casks (25%) and second-fill American whiskey casks (10%). One of my favourites.

smoky whisky

4 Illicit Spirits Blacklist Smoked Gin, 70cl, £43.95 (47% ABV)

This Glasgow gin is made using peat-smoked juniper and a range of botanicals such as black cardamom, lapsang souchong tea and black peppercorns. If that’s not smoky enough, it is also infused with activated charcoal, which turns the gin black! It is a smoky, spicy, and herbal gin.

smoky gin

5 Yorkshire Dales Smokey Ram Vodka, 70cl, £34.95 (40% ABV)

This is a vodka with a smoky and peppery flavour profile. A grain spirit is vapour infused through Yorkshire hay and smoked black peppercorns. The spirit is then blended with mineral water from the Dales.

smoky vodka

6 Black Bottle Island Smoke, 70cl, £26.00 (46.3% ABV)

The Island Smoke is part of the new Alchemy Series by Black Bottle. It is a blended scotch full of peaty smokiness and savoury coastal notes as well as sweet, salted caramel.

smoky bottle of scotch

7 Bepi Tosolini Smoked Grappa, 50cl, £44.95 (40% ABV)

This is a grappa aged in French oak barrels. The barrels have been toasted and smoked by burning oak flakes and Kentucky tobacco leaves. A bold smoky grappa with subtle sweetness.

smoked grappa

8 Arbikie Chilli Vodka, 70cl, £36.65 (43% ABV)

The chipotle chillies come from Scotland’s one and only chilli farm, Chillilicious in Fife. Chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeno which is typically used in Mexican foods. These chillies add smokiness and earthy notes to Arbikie Potato Vodka, and obviously just the right amount of spiciness. Ideal for many cocktails or try it in a spiked hot chocolate.

smoky and spicy bottle of vodka

9 Crafty Distillery Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail, 50cl, £33.95 (40% ABV)

This distilled cocktail has a Hills & Harbour gin base. Made with smoked, burnt, and macerated fruits (such as pineapple and orange), a lovely ready-made cocktail! Simply chill and serve over ice.

smoke and citrus cocktail

10 Mr Lyan’s Bonfire Old Fashioned, 50cl, £29.95 (30.8% ABV)

Looking for a no-fuss cocktail to sip at home? This rich and smoky premixed Old Fashioned by Mr Lyan is ideal if you want a quick fix after work. Simply chill the bottle and pour straight into a glass. Easy.

smoky old fashioned

11 Laphroaig Lore, 70cl, £67.95 (48% ABV)

This is a rich, peaty and spicy Laphroaig. Aged in several casks, anywhere from seven to 21 years. Expect notes of dried dark fruits, honey, chilli bite and rich peat. The ideal smoky bottle for those cold evenings.

smoky scotch

12 Octomore 12.2 5-Year-Old, 70cl, £144.61 (57.3% ABV)

Couldn’t finish this list without adding a bottle of Octomore. This one is peated to 129.7ppm! Aged in both first- and second-fill American whiskey casks and finished in first-fill Sauternes wine casks. Even if it is mega on the peat, there is syrupy sweetness, baking spices, melon and orange blossom with an earthy finish.

smoky Octomore

Which one of these smoky bottles would you choose? Are you celebrating Bonfire Night?

*Some of the links used are affiliate links. If you buy through the links, I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you. 

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  1. The Octomore is a fantastic dram, though my favourite of theirs is the MRC, finished in red wine barrels. It might be my favourite whisky of all, actually. And an honourable mention has to go to Ardbeg Uigedail; sweet, smoky, raisiny and just lovely

    1. The wine cask finish sounds amazing! Ardbeg Uigedail is delicious too! I definitely need to invest in a few more bottles this year.

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