Random Leftover Bottles – What to Do with Them?

random leftover bottles

We all have one or two leftover bottles at the back of the cupboard that are simply collecting dust. Maybe someone gifted you a bottle of brandy or you bought some banana liqueur because you really wanted to try the recipe on Instagram, or perhaps you tried a cocktail on holiday and decided to bring […]

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Destille Berlin – Celebrating Craft Spirits

Destille Berlin is a craft spirit festival where for two days distilleries showcase their unique artisanal spirits. Everything must be sustainably made with natural ingredients and independently produced. This year you could sample anything from gin, rum, whisky, mezcal, vodka, aquavit, and cognac to fruit brandies and much more. Destille is open to buyers, distillers, […]

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Drink Like a Norwegian

For the next interview in my series how to “Drink like a local” I met Trine from Norway, in a Scandinavian restaurant in London. Trine, 41, comes from the far north of Norway from a little town called Vadsø, and unlike Sarah Palin, on a clear day she can actually see all the way to […]

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