Delicious Festive Drink Recipes

Festive drinks

Festive season calls for festive drinks! During winter we tend to opt for hot toddies, Christmas spices and ginger beer. At one point I was complaining how there aren’t any nice fruits in season this time of the year, but I was wrong and simply had forgotten how much fun you can have creating festive […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting an Aperitivo

Aperol Spritz

Italians really know how to eat well. They appreciate food a lot, and on a good day the whole dining experience may include some five to six courses starting with an aperitivo. Bring a little bit of Italy to your friends this summer and host an aperitivo at home. What is aperitivo? Aperitivo is an […]

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Where to Enjoy an Aperitivo in Florence

View over Florence

Aperitivo is a huge part of the Italian lifestyle, yet many visitors seem to miss this fun experience. Italians love to socialise and enjoy a good cocktail, but they rarely drink without food. That’s where aperitivo comes in handy. It’s also a great way to enjoy delicious Italian foods if you’re on a budget. What is […]

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Amaro and other Italian Bitters – Part 2

Before we look into Italian bitters, let’s recap a little. In part 1 we explored Italian Amari. Amaro is a bittersweet herbal liqueur which is especially popular in Italy. It is mainly served neat as an after-dinner drink, allegedly because of its medicinal benefits. Amaro means bitter, but Italians do not use the word amaro […]

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5 Drinks you Must try in Milan (+ the great bars you need to visit)

Milan is spoiled for choice when it comes to bars and restaurants. There are a few drinks that are especially good in Milan and should not be missed when you want to experience something just a little bit more special. 1 Negroni Sbagliato in Bar Basso Bar Basso was the first bar to introduce an […]

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Sanremo: Aperitivos and Seaside Cycling

Last month I visited the Italian Riviera and I was very much looking forward to it as I’m a massive fan of Italy. Truth be told, the Riviera left me slightly disappointed. I felt some of the Italian charm was missing and I also felt it was very overpriced; you just didn’t get value for […]

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Drink Like a Sardinian

Whilst Paolo, 27, from Sardinia, was teaching me how to drink Caffe Corretto properly we discussed traditional Italian drinking habits, anything from the making of grappa to the well-known Aperol Spritz. What are your first memories of spirits and alcohol growing up in Italy? I remember both my father and his father, my grandfather, distilling their […]

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