How to Serve Savoury Gin

savoury gin

Savoury and herbaceous is one of my favourite gin categories. I’m a starter-over-dessert kind of person, so I often prefer savoury flavours over sweet or floral (although there some exceptions, Silent Pool Gin for example). The botanicals don’t necessarily have to have a salty taste and they can include herbs, vegetables and fruits that aren’t […]

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Orkney Distilling – Bringing You the Viking Spirit

In 1468 the Orkney islands were pawned to the Scottish Crown by Christian I of Denmark as a gift for his daughter’s marriage to James III of Scotland. Until then, Orkney had been part of the Scandinavian kingdom. The Norsemen lived on the islands from the late 8th century, and to this day you can […]

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Has Anyone Seen Juniper? How Flavoured Gin Is Ruining the Gin Industry

Did you know that gin starts life as vodka? Vodka is the base spirit, but once you add juniper the spirit begins its journey to gin. You can add further botanicals to create different types of gin, but juniper must remain the ever present, key botanical. Over the recent years gin market has become crowded, […]

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The Gin Regions of Scotland

Did you know that 70% of the gin made in the UK is actually made in Scotland? Scotland’s gin-producing areas can be separated into six different regions, and I thought I’d take a look to see if it is possible to identify what distinguishes each one. Between them they boast over 70 distilleries and hundreds […]

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Delicious Pink Gins to Brighten Your Winter

Beyla raspberry and honey gin

Pink gins have become ever so popular, and they aren’t just for the summer any more, but for all-year-round enjoyment. They are made with a variety of ingredients, from sweeter berries to juicy citrus to delicate florals. Some brands have based their recipe on the traditional pink gin, which was created with angostura bitters. I […]

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Irish Gins – Unique Botanicals and Coastal Flavours

Irish gins might have been overshadowed by Scottish and English gins, but the Irish do have their fair share of juniper spirits available. Ireland had only four gin distilleries four years ago, but today the number has increased to 18, with a further 16 already planned. Overall, there are more than 30 gin brands available […]

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Gin Botanicals Explained

Everyone seems to be ginning it, but how much do you actually know about what goes into your favourite Gin? Can you, for example, recognise the botanicals just by tasting the Gin? Juniper is the key botanical; the spirit can’t be called Gin without juniper. There are a few other core botanicals that are found […]

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St. Giles – A Modern English Gin

The idea for St. Giles Gin came when professional diver Simon and his wife Alison were enjoying a range of gins at home. As a diver, Simon has travelled around the globe, and it soon became a habit for him to bring a bottle of gin from all his travels to sample at home. On […]

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Italian Gins from the Mountains

History You might have heard about genever, and how gin making started in Holland. But in fact, gin production can be traced back to 11th-century Italy, with many believing it was the Benedictine monks who first began distilling juniper spirits in a monastery in beautiful Salerno. The monks combined the base spirit with herbs, spices, […]

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