Brighton Gin – Supporting Greener Brighton

After my recent visit to Brighton Gin Distillery, it became clear that the brand’s philosophy is based on sustainability. They are doing their best to be environmentally conscious where possible. It doesn’t really come as a surprise considering Brighton has consistently voted Green. As Kathy once said: “We want to try and be part of […]

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Best Winter Bars in Brighton

brighton and Hove winter bars

I hate being cold. So, in the winter I’m always looking for cosy venues to hang out, have some food and enjoy a good glass of wine, mulled drinks or a cocktail. Below I have listed bars in Brighton and Hove that are perfect for the season, whether you are looking for a wine bar, […]

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Gin Events by Brighton Gin Club

Are you a Gin lover? Do you enjoy learning more about exciting new Gin brands or just having a night out in good company whilst sipping Gin? Then you will love Brighton Gin Club! The beginning Jo and Jason, the team behind Brighton Gin Club, originally wanted to put on “Brighton GIN Festival” back in […]

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Women in Spirits Business: Lesley & Kathy

There was a time when women drinking whisky were considered to have low standards, but for men drinking whisky was a sign of a true man. Today, women drinking spirits is no biggie; it is considered sexy when you know what you like, whether it is asking for a specific whisky or how you like […]

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My 7 Favourite Cocktail Bars in Brighton

There are hundreds of bars and pubs in Brighton and Hove, but if you fancy a cocktail you might not be so sure where to go. I have listed below seven venues I often go when I fancy a great tasty cocktail. Personally, I’m a sucker for classic cocktails, and places where they try hard […]

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