How to Make a Mojito + Recipes

National Mojito Day is celebrated on the 11th July each year. Mojito was invented in Havana, but the exact time is unclear. It is considered to date as far back as the 16th century. The first version was called ‘El Draque’ after Francis Drake, an explorer. Unlike most cocktail bars around the world, in Cuba, […]

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How to Order a Martini Like a Boss – some Martini variations explained

There are many variations of a Martini and sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice. With these tips, however, you will quickly sound like an expert, exploring the different versions of the classic cocktail and finding the most appealing version that suits you. Let’s start with the basics… Firstly, the original Martini was, […]

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Rogano – 1930s Charm in the Centre of Glasgow

Rogano is one of the oldest restaurants in Glasgow, dating all the way back to 1935. It is better known than most museums in the area and is considered a landmark of some sort. If you haven’t already been I strongly recommend you visit next time you’re up in Glasgow. Not much has changed since […]

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