The Martini Manual

Martini cocktail with olives

These days you can find all sorts of Martini cocktails, ranging from the classic recipe to fruity versions, many of which are named merely on the basis of the cocktail glass used. In this article we will separate the Martini from the Martinis… What is in the Martini? The original Martini was, and still is, […]

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Old Fashioned – How to Make it

Old fashioned cocktail ingredients

In November we are celebrating Old Fashioned Week (1-10th Nov) so I thought it would be a good time to share some history. As with many classic cocktails, the history of the Old Fashioned cocktail is rather messy, but this is what we know. Old Fashioned started as Whisky Cocktail. In the early 1800s Whisky […]

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In Search of the Best Negroni in Florence

100 Years of Negroni Love Get your party hats on, it’s Negroni’s birthday year! To celebrate 100 years of my favourite cocktail I have gone around Florence in search of the best Negroni in town. (I know, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!) There is a bit of a squabble around […]

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The Spiritualist – For All Your Spirit Needs

Visiting The Spiritualist in Glasgow never gets boring! They have an excellent collection of spirits and liqueurs (approx. 320 bottles last time I asked!) and you can order pretty much any cocktail you can think of. Located in the buzzing Merchant City, just a stone’s throw away from George Square, the venue is open for […]

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Cosmopolitan Cocktail – Oh So Pretty in Pink

Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo between friends, is considered one of the best cocktails of our time. (Rolling my eyes here…) Made ever so popular by the ladies of Sex and the City, this pink drink was THE drink of the late 90s and early noughties. Personally, I have never seen the appeal – there are much […]

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6 Wonderful Winter Drinks You Need to Try!

With Christmas just around the corner it’s the perfect time to start thinking about those warming winter cocktails and hot drinks. Nothing wrong with a mug of mulled wine or cider, but sometimes we need to surprise our taste buds and try new flavours. I have listed six delicious cocktail recipes, all with lovely winter flavours, […]

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15 Ways Your Drinking Habits Change When You Turn 30

As my big 3-0 is fast approaching, I’ve started to think about how getting older has changed my drinking habits. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments for crazy stuff (like staying up till 4am after a rock concert or necking back the occasional shot when someone offers one), but I have definitely […]

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Summer is here and so is Pimm’s

Summer Pimm's

No matter what the occasion, Pimm’s will be poured throughout the summer, in jugs, highballs, and lately even from the tap. Pimm’s has confirmed its place as the quintessential English summer drink, often linked to posh events such as Ascot or Wimbledon, and it’s beautifully refreshing if properly served. At Wimbledon alone they can sell over 230,000 glasses in just two weeks!

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Honey, I love Tequila – New Cocktails to Try!

I have recently been handed a challenge by Proof Drinks to come up with some tasty recipes using four different products: Cazcabel Honey, Cazcabel Coffee, Cazcabel Blanco and Sloane’s Gin. I have previously raved about the Cazcabel Honey, but now I am even more excited as there are so many (easy) ways to make delicious […]

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