Drinks from the Larder

Glass of mulled mead

Are you short of cocktail ingredients? Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to go food shopping or couldn’t find everything you planned to buy. Or maybe you stocked a bit too much at the beginning of the pandemic. Here’s how you can create Christmas drinks using your emergency larder, which surely is full of many […]

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Spritz Recipes for Summer

Summer spritz cocktail

Whether you are starting to feel the strain of the quarantine restrictions or just fancy something fizzy to match the season, these spritz recipes will bring a smile to your face!

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How to Serve Savoury Gin

savoury gin

Savoury and herbaceous is one of my favourite gin categories. I’m a starter-over-dessert kind of person, so I often prefer savoury flavours over sweet or floral (although there some exceptions, Silent Pool Gin for example). The botanicals don’t necessarily have to have a salty taste and they can include herbs, vegetables and fruits that aren’t […]

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How to Choose the Right Rum for You?

What kind of rum do you like? Is it dark, gold or perhaps flavoured? Using colours to describe rum doesn’t actually provide enough information on your chosen bottle. You might like sweeter rums, but these can be anything from ‘white’ rum to darker ones. The category has been lacking in classification and terminology. With growing interest in spirits and with consumers becoming more experimental, now is the perfect time to change how we talk about rum.

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Home Bar Essentials

The concept of a home bar started in the 1940s America, where people were living sociable lifestyles and neighbours popping in for a quick tipple was the norm. All the way through to the 60s many liked to entertain guests at home and they had proper bar tops and trolleys, so they could easily fix […]

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Amaro and other Italian Bitters – Part 1

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in Italy, so what better reason to write about Amaro and other bitter liqueurs Italians love to drink? You may be familiar with Italian aperitivo culture, where most drinks (including cocktails) are made with bitters such as Campari or Aperol. Digestifs, on the other hand, are mainly served neat or on the rocks and are more intense in flavour.

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