The Three Distillery Cycle on Islay

Cycling to Ardbeg

Ever dreamed of cycling along remote roads and beautiful landscapes with diverse wildlife? Islay is a wonderful island to discover by bike. The roads are reasonably flat and single-track, the places aren’t far apart and there are many beautiful locations to stop. And there’s whisky. Earlier this month we did a quick trip to the […]

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The History of Women in Spirits

Whisky woman

The spirits industry has been male-dominant for quite some time, yet it was women who used to do the hard yards of distilling and distribution in the pre-industrial era. Back in the day, it was common practice to make spirits from the comfort of your home using the ingredients at hand, and the work was […]

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The Whisky Battle – Laphroaig vs Lagavulin

I, like probably millions of others, am used to the dusty male image that comes to mind when talking about Whisky. I used to go to this old Finnish hotel from the 1930s as the bar was really fascinating, with all these elderly gentlemen drinking Whisky for their sorrows or telling stories about their lives […]

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