Visiting Italy’s Most Important Gin Festival

The Gin Day began in 2012, in the early days of the gin boom. The purpose was to offer a place for the ever-increasing number of gin brands to represent their products and a chance for bartenders to learn more about the growing category. The exhibition is organised in Milan by, and it has […]

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5 Drinks you Must try in Milan (+ the great bars you need to visit)

Milan is spoiled for choice when it comes to bars and restaurants. There are a few drinks that are especially good in Milan and should not be missed when you want to experience something just a little bit more special. 1 Negroni Sbagliato in Bar Basso Bar Basso was the first bar to introduce an […]

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The Gin Day – Milano

Yesterday I took part in Italy’s only gin fair known as The Gin Day. The event is held in Milan over two days and is organised by Unlike many other events, the fair is conveniently held on a Sunday and Monday when most bartenders will be enjoying a well-deserved day off. The Gin Day started […]

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