Go Classy with a Sherry Picnic

Are there many better ways to spend a lazy summer’s day than a sherry picnic with friends? If you haven’t tried it, I truly recommend it. I recently organised a little picnic for two of my favourite Norwegians so we could complain about the Swedish (only joking), whilst teaching them about the wonders of sherry. […]

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Drink Slimmer This Summer

Are you ready for the summer yet? All the outdoor drinking, picnics, BBQs and garden parties! Yet at the same time, we are trying to work on our beach bodies. Not to worry, there’s ways to avoid extra calories when drinking without compromising the taste. Firstly, let’s recap the calorie count in most spirits and […]

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7 Reasons to Drink Sherry

1 It’s low calorie! Most Sherries are low in calories – 50ml of dry Sherry only has 58 kcal! Bring on the beach body! 2 Sherry goes well with food. Step up your game by serving tapas and Sherry at your next dinner party or summer picnic – think refreshing Fino served with Spanish olives, […]

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