Rum 101 – An Introduction to Rum

Rum is a versatile spirit used in many cocktails, but it’s also full enough of flavour to be served on its own. Many rums are aged and blended to perfection and should be appreciated the way you would whisky. However, rum can be confusing as there aren’t many regulations, and those that exist vary between […]

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Move over #ginlovers – rum is taking over as the drink of choice. Drinking spirits neat, straight up or on the rocks has seemingly become a popular choice amongst young adults, which has helped the rum market to flourish. The story Ron means rum in Spanish, and Ron is also a shortened from Ronald, and […]

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Dark Matter – A Scottish Spiced Rum!

Dark Matter Spiced Rum – 40% Scotland’s first rum distillery has given us Christmas in a bottle – Dark Matter Spiced Rum! Every step of the process has been carried out at the distillery – everything from storing the molasses to fermentation, distillation and spice preparation as well as bottling, labelling and packaging. The molasses […]

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