Best Winter Bars in Brighton

brighton and Hove winter bars

I hate being cold. So, in the winter I’m always looking for cosy venues to hang out, have some food and enjoy a good glass of wine, mulled drinks or a cocktail. Below I have listed bars in Brighton and Hove that are perfect for the season, whether you are looking for a wine bar, […]

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Where to Drink in Florence in Winter?

River Arno Florence

If you are travelling to Florence in winter, the weather might not always be nice enough to sip wine outdoors. Below I have listed some cosy venues across town to enjoy a Spritz or other drinks. Many of these venues also have daily aperitivo, which a great alternative for dinner, especially if you’re travelling on […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking Champagne

Do serve Champagne in a wine glass. You should serve Champagne like you would other wines, as flute won’t allow the wine to open up properly. A wine glass will help to release all the aromas. Champagne flutes are great for showing off the bubbles, but the tasting experience will be limited. Coupes, on the […]

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10 Things to Do in Rome in Winter

There is always a lot to see and do in Rome, and during the winter months you get to enjoy the eternal city without the hassle of too many tourists. Below I have listed some of my favourite things to do in Rome. Just wrap up warm and get walking. 1 Enjoy hot chocolate Italians […]

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Florence Food & Wine Tour with The Roman Guy

Would you like to spend an evening drinking Italian wines and stuffing your face with local treats? The Roman Guy has got you covered… (Unless you are vegan, in which case, this tour might not be for you…) I recommend this tour for those who only have limited time in Florence and would like to […]

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What will we be drinking in 2018?

There is increasing interest in spirits – how they are made, where are they produced and how best to enjoy them. Location and sustainability are the growing concerns. Therefore 2018 will be a great year for spirits, especially for the crafty ones, but I am confident there will be room for some old classics as […]

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What Can Vegans Drink?

If you have started the year by going vegan, or are already vegan, it is probably a good time to have a better look into what vegans can, or cannot, drink. In theory, vegans should be able to drink spirits, but as this new craft distilling has brought us new and exciting liquors, such as […]

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Drink like a Hungarian

I’ve been planning a trip to Hungary for quite some time, so I couldn’t wait to do an interview with Iren to discuss Hungarian drink traditions. Iren, 28, was born in the capital, Budapest, but when she was still young, her family decided to move to one of the biggest wine regions in Hungary. Did […]

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Grappa Production in Pictures

The grappa harvest takes place as soon as the grapes have become ripe enough, in order to obtain fresh vinaccia. The freshness of the vinaccia is the key of making a top quality grappa. The grapes are then destemmed and softly pressed, in order to separate the must (this is used to make wine) from […]

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