Not So Lame Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Most people still seem to love all the fuss about Valentine’s Day: heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, flowers and teddy bears delivered to your work (happened to me once, I was petrified), followed by a romantic dinner in an Italian restaurant seated very cosily next to other couples in flickering candlelight…

But there are still a few of us who couldn’t think of anything worse, although you always kind of feel slightly compelled to do something. In Finland, instead of being all lovey-dovey, we have named the day Friend’s Day (Ystävänpäivä), and instead of romantic dinners, we go out to share a drink or two with a group of friends.

Here’s some boozy gift ideas from a friend to another with a hint of love.

1 Cazcabel Honey Tequila – Who doesn’t like tequila?? Mix a cocktail or simply spike your Prosecco. See the recipes section for serving tips.
honey tequila

2 Dark Matter Chocolate Orange Liqueur – A rum liqueur with notes of Seville oranges, dark chocolate and burnt sugar. To die for!

3 Boozy V Day lollipops from Holly’s Lollies – Boozy sweets are totally in right now. You can choose heart shaped boozy lollies, should you feel more romantic!

hollys lollies

4 Two Birds Spirits – remember your burd with some real spirits. Two Birds Spirits offer anything from gins to flavoured vodka (salted caramel, after dinner mint etc) to absinthe!


5 Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur – Perfect for the glittery babes who seek the rainbows. Not sure why it is called liqueur as it is 40% ABV…


6 Espresso Martini Chocolate Truffles – What did I say about boozy sweets…


7 Cocktail and chocolate-making master class – Drinking cocktails whilst eating chocolate, what more could you want for Valentine’s? See My Chocolate for more.

8 Lanique Rose Petal Liqueur Spirit – Forget about roses, show your love like the Polish. The name may be confusing, but it is actually 39% ABV.


9 Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum (Hardcore edition) – Surely the face of Ron Jeremy will leave anyone speechless. Alternatively, choose Hedgehog Gin as it has special love life boosting botanicals!



Last edited 30th Jan 2019

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