Napue Gin – undoubtedly one of the World’s Best Gins

When it comes to Finnish products I can easily be biased, but in this case, whether you are a Finn or not, Napue Gin really is exceptional! If you haven’t tried it already, you are missing out on something special. Fear not, help is here. Simply enter the competition below and you may win a bottle of it to kick start the new year!

So why are people making so much fuss around Napue Gin, and why do I think it’s worth the hype other than it being from Finland? (Did I mention that already?)


From the heart of the Finnish nature

Napue Gin has 12 traditional dry botanicals and four fresh wild botanicals. These wild botanicals have been foraged locally. The base spirit is made from rye, and some of the botanicals are quintessentially Finnish, such as sea buckthorn, birch leaves, cranberries and meadowsweet. Kyrö Distillery Company’s distilling method is unusual; first, all traditional botanicals are left to soak overnight, after which they are distilled together. The four fresh botanicals are all individually distilled. After this, all the components are carefully married together.

This method of distilling is used to guarantee each bottle of Gin will taste the same. The aroma from the seasonal botanicals varies from time to time depending on when and where they are picked. Blending and distilling several batches makes it easier to perfect the right balance of aromas.

In rye we trust!

With 46.3% ABV Napue Gin won’t leave you cold! Enough punch to bring the flavours through when tonic water is added. It is a beautifully crisp, herbal and slightly peppery dry gin, or as the boys from Kyrö Distillery Company described it –

“Cool as the Finnish summer night but with the heat of rye and the midnight sun, it is a Gin unlike any other”!

In 2015 this exceptional Gin won the title of World’s Best G&T at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) with their serve of 50ml Napue Gin and 200ml Fever Tree tonic, garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a few cranberries. Very quickly after the win the demand for Napue Gin rocketed, and today it is available in 17 countries!



Gintastic competition – Win a bottle of Napue Gin!

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Good luck! Competition closes 5th January 2017!

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  1. Retweeted & followed! My fact about Finland is that the Molotov cocktail originated there!

    Fionn x

  2. I don’t know a lot about Finland – is it the land of the midnight sun?! Also is alcohol expensive there? Which must mean that Napue gin is super premium!!

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