Our/Vodka from Berlin

Our/Vodka family has distilleries in many cities: Berlin, London, Detroit, Seattle, Amsterdam, Houston, New York, LA and Miami. The brand is supported by Pernod Ricard, who partner up with entrepreneurs to create micro-distilleries in urban environments. The entrepreneurs are people who love their city and can offer something more for the brand. These distilleries are built not only to make premium vodka but to offer tasting services, event hire and to work as a shop.

Pernod Ricard also provide the recipe for Our/Vodka. Each vodka is made to the same recipe, but the ingredients for each one are produced locally, which also ensures each city’s vodka has a unique taste.



Our/Berlin was the first distillery to open under Our/Vodka branding. It opened its doors in 2013 after years of planning and organising.

Our/Berlin vodka is made from purified Berlin water and German wheat. The vodka is very smooth and mild in flavour. Like all the other Our/Vodka brands, this one comes in a small 350ml bottle. The bottle is very minimalistic, but unusual. If you are a spirit collector you will want to have one of these on your shelf. Or why not try to get one from each city!

For a micro-distillery Our/Berlin has a surprisingly large team behind it. With a team of 10 people, each with a different task, the brand has grown to become a great success. It doesn’t hurt to have a big gun like Pernod Ricard to support you…



The distillery is beautifully designed. From the outside it looks like a basic warehouse or a garage, but the open space and minimalistic décor in the tasting rooms really screams urban city life. They happily welcome visitors, so next time you are in Berlin, go and say hello.

Competition time!

I have teamed up with Our/Berlin to give one lucky reader a chance to find out just how smooth Our/Berlin vodka is. Simply follow On the Sauce Again and Our/Berlin,  share this post on social media and leave a comment below for your chance to win a bottle!

Competition closes 19 January 2017.

****Please note this competition is also available in Germany****


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  1. I’ve shared on twitter! looks amazing, there is always much nicer drinks from such passionate producers!

  2. I love the look of that distillery, interior designed for sure! I wonder how the vodka changes from city to city?

  3. Done!
    I really like your idea, do you think this model could be imported in Italy too?

    Paolo Vercellis

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