Aluna Coconut – Premium Flavoured Rum

Aluna Coconut is a combination of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean. The blend is then flavoured with all-natural toasted coconut. Guatemalan rum is made with virgin sugar cane honey, which contributes to a naturally sweeter rum. This style of rum is both light and smooth.

Caribbean rums on the other hand add a little heat into the mix, giving the rum more body and complexity. The final spirit is lowered to 35% ABV (flavoured rums tend to be less than 40% ABV) by using organic coconut water, which also adds to a smooth and clean finish.

Aluna Coconut is low in sugar giving more room for the delicious and natural flavours. You can really taste the toasted coconut together with some vanilla, dark chocolate and subtle black pepper notes. It is perfect when just served on the rocks, but also works wonders in cocktails. Try it in an Espresso Martini or make a Spritz with Chambord, Aluna and Prosecco.

This flavoured rum has been targeted at a slightly younger audience (20-30’s), although I am sure it will hit the spot for all age groups. Aluna translates ‘to the moon’ or ‘moon goddess’ and the beautiful logo on the bottle is the mandala design, a traditional spiritual symbol for the universe (and also very popular on surf boards). The label incorporates the different stages of the moon.


WIN yourself a bottle of Aluna Coconut!

This week I have teamed up with Aluna Coconut to give you a chance to win a bottle of their delicious flavoured rum. Simply follow the steps below. Winner will be selected on the 23rd September 2018. (Please note the competition is for UK entries only)

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3.Comment below your dream location to sip Aluna Coconut.


Aluna Flavoured Rum

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  1. You know, usually I’d come up with a beautiful beach or something, but the weather here has taken a turn for the grey, cold, windy and miserable. So my ideal place to try this right now would be here in my armchair, cuddled up under a cosy blanket with some candles lit. It sounds like it would taste like exotic holidays, so would put me in mind of sunnier places (whilst I dodge the rain!)

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