Weisshorn Alpine Glacier Gin

Weisshorn Glacier Gin comes from a tiny Swiss village located 2km high up in the valley of Val d’Anniviers. The valley has views of both Weisshorn and Matterhorn mountains. This picturesque village has only 68 inhabitants! To add to its unique location, the micro-distillery can be found inside a small 19th-century wooden cabin hidden on the Alpine slopes.

The location is ideal for unique botanicals and its fresh glacier water source. All 12 botanicals are individually vacuum-distilled. As the distillation is done at a low temperature, the final spirit has a lovely bright and fresh taste.

Weisshorn Glacier Gin bottle on the table

Some local botanicals include elderflower, sweet clover, edelweiss and genepi. Edelweiss can be found in remote mountain areas and it is the national symbol of Switzerland. It is a less bitter and a bit warmer version of liquorice. Genepi is also known as Artemisia or wormwood. There is no citrus in the gin; the only subtle citrusy flavour comes from coriander.

The juniper is also from Switzerland, although not locally harvested. Together these 12 botanicals create a smooth and bright gin that really transports you to those Alpine meadows.

The smooth mouthfeel really lends itself to a Dry Martini. For a G&T, a dry crisp tonic water without a garnish will give you a chance to explore those mountain flavours. I know we sometimes like to add the garnish for the visual enjoyment, so in this case a small handful of blueberries and a sprig of thyme will do the trick.

Weisshorn Glacier Gin and Tonic with bottle

Weisshorn Glacier Gin is a modern gin with juniper being less evident; it is still there, but due to the low temperature distillation the flavour is different, greener and mellow. If you’d like to create a stronger juniper taste, you could add a few juniper berries into the G&T.


I have teamed up with Weisshorn Glacier Gin to give you a chance to try their Swiss Gin. Simply follow the steps below to enter.

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The winner will be selected on the 23rd October. Please note the competition is open to EU entries only.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Weisshorn Glacier Gin, but, as always, all words and opinions are my own.

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