10 Reasons to Drink Brandy de Jerez

Brandy de Jerez serve

1 Love sherry? Then you’ll love Brandy de Jerez.

Brandy de Jerez is a wine distillate aged in ex-Fino, -Oloroso, -Amontillado, -Palo Cortado or -Pedro Ximénez casks, botas. Each one of these botas will have a huge impact on the flavour of the final spirit, and often a range of botas are used to give the brandy a unique mix of flavour profiles. Some even use the same grape variety as in sherry production, Palomino.

2 It pairs well with cheese and chocolate.

Forget about cheese and wine, Brandy de Jerez and Gouda is a match made in heaven. Solera Gran Reserva is also complemented by the intense flavour of blue cheese. Not a fan of cheese? Try dark chocolate.

3 It makes you look younger.

Like many other brandies, Brandy de Jerez contains antioxidant compounds, which improves the reproduction of cells in our body. This can make your skin and hair look healthier. It also helps to prevent wrinkles, poor vision and other symptoms of ageing. But remember to only drink Brandy de Jerez it in moderation, overconsumption will have the opposite effect and we certainly don’t want that!

4 Solera makes it extra special.

Brandy de Jerez is aged using the same solera method as they use in sherry production. This is time-consuming and requires specific skills and patience. Something made with such intensity should be savoured and enjoyed with care. Some of them have been aged in solera for over 80 years (Punto Azul Heritage, for example)!

large brandy casks

5 It matches every season.

Brandy de Jerez is such a versatile spirit it can be enjoyed all year round. In the colder months served in a balloon glass and at room temperature it will warm you from the inside out, while in the summer with ice it makes a delicious drink to sip and cool down. Alternatively, try it in many cocktails, hot or cold.

Serving suggestion: In a tumbler combine ice, a dash of Angostura bitters and orange peel. Give it a stir and enjoy. Simple, but oh so tasty!

6 It improves heart health.

Solera Gran Reserva in particular has high levels of antioxidants, which contribute to a healthy heart and improve energy levels (obviously, only if consumed in moderation!). These antioxidants help in lowering the level of bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol in the body.

7 It’s a drink in decline.

Drink Brandy de Jerez to keep alive the tradition of this beautiful spirit. Ten years ago, some brands decided to lower their alcohol by volume to cut down on the production costs. This placed them outside the denomination of origin, and they could no longer be called Brandy de Jerez. The labelling of these spirit drinks has caused a lot of confusion and had an effect on the high-quality artisan brandy producers.

Brandy de Jerez is worth discovering. Perhaps soon it will regain the recognition it truly deserves.

Brandy de Jerez serve
Credit: Brandy de Jerez

8 It’s carb free.

Brandy de Jerez doesn’t have carbohydrates. You can enjoy a glass of Brandy de Jerez as an aperitif without having to worry it will ruin your appetite.

9 It’s top quality for a lower price tag.

Brandy de Jerez is NOT a cheap version of cognac. It is a spirit in its own right, and even with lower prices you can expect high-quality spirits. You can get top-notch brandies starting from £20!

10 To be different!

Create conversation by ordering a balloon glass of Brandy de Jerez instead of cognac next time you fancy an after-dinner drink. This way you will encourage others to try something new too!

If you’d like to learn more about Brandy de Jerez, check my previous blog post here.

old Brandy de Jerez stills

Have you tried Brandy de Jerez? How do you like it served?

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  1. That’s a great list. To be honest, I haven’t tried a lot of Brandy de Jerez yet. But in the last months I discovered Carlos I and am really fond of it. I’ll be happy to dive deeper into the exciting world of this drink.

    1. I wish I had tried more Brandy de Jerez when I was visiting the Sherry Triangle a few years back, but I was too busy focusing on sherry. A reason to go back perhaps…

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