4 Tasty Rum Cocktail Recipes

I have teamed up with Cabal Rum to create four tasty cocktail recipes with their No. 1513 Aged Rum. This is a complex rum suitable for sipping, but the flavour profile also lends itself to being used in many cocktails. With the season in mind, I have also included a hot drink recipe.

But first, let me introduce you to Cabal No. 1513.

Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum, 43% ABV

This is a blend of aged rums from Guatemala, Guyana, Trinidad and Panama. All the rums are made using a combination of pot- and column-distillation methods and aged at origin. The rums are blended in Scotland and finished in Pedro Ximénez (PX) casks in Speyside for up to five months. No sugar, flavourings or any artificial ingredients are used. Cabal No. 1513 is also non-chill filtered.

Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum

The nose is full of dried fruits such as figs, raisins and prunes, followed by sweet notes of toffee and butterscotch. There’re also aromas of dark chocolate and orange. You can definitely detect that nice PX influence.

On the palate the rum is more oaky with slightly bitter notes of dark chocolate and coffee. This is followed by roasted pineapple sweetness, dark dried fruits and a touch of caramel. The finish offers a little spice and classic sherry notes.   

All Cabal rums are tested and approved by an independent panel of consumers and experts. This is their way to guarantee the quality of their products.

Cabal Rum Cocktails

Winter in Spain

El Bandarra Vermut is both bitter and sweet. It is made using botanicals such as clove, cinnamon, rosemary, vanilla and bitter orange, making it an ideal pairing with Cabal No. 1513. The brandy adds texture, and the flavours match well with the notes you get from the PX cask finish.

Cabal Rum cocktail

45ml Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum

15ml Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva

25ml El Bandarra Red Vermut

3 drops of orange bitters

Orange peel for garnish

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange peel.

A Circus of Flavours

Next, I wanted to create something citrusy and refreshing. Pink grapefruit is fresh and versatile, it also works nicely with rum.

Pink grapefruit cocktail
Cabal rum cocktail

50ml Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum

15ml Cointreau

55ml Fresh pink grapefruit juice

25ml Mango & Passionfruit Coulis (from M&S)

15–20ml Cinnamon syrup* (adjust to taste)

10ml Fresh lime juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over an ice-filled tumbler. Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit.

* To make the syrup, simply add demerara sugar, coconut water (not milk or cream)** and cinnamon sticks to a saucepan. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Take off the heat, cover with a lid and leave to sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Strain and store in the fridge.

**I used coconut water as this gives a nice mouthfeel to the syrup. I therefore wanted to use it in the Daiquiri below. You could just as easily use water to make the syrup.

Need help making syrups? See my previous article The Essential Guide to Cocktail Sweeteners

Cinnamon Daiquiri

Daiquiri is a great classic cocktail to use to showcase the flavours of the rum. You could make it simply with a classic sugar syrup or change the flavour of the syrup by adding more wintery spices to it.

Cabal rum bottle

60ml Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum

20ml Fresh lime juice

15ml Cinnamon syrup (made in coconut water, see notes above**)

Simply shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with lime peel.

Rum & Cider Hot Toddy

For this warming number I used oak-matured apple cider for extra flavour, but you can easily use a classic apple cider instead. However, I recommend choosing a dry cider due to the added syrup.

Rum hot toddy
Rum hot toddy

25ml Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum

20ml Fresh orange juice

15ml Cinnamon syrup

Somerset Oak Matured Vintage Apple Cider

2 Cardamom pods

1 Star anise

Heat some cider and the orange juice in a pot with the syrup and the extra spices. Keep on the heat until hot throughout. Do not allow the mixture to boil. Strain into a mug, add a shot of rum and garnish with star anise or cinnamon stick.

Note: You could make the syrup with the extra spices instead of adding them into the cider.

What is your favourite rum cocktail?

Disclaimer: In paid collaboration with Harpalion Spirits. Some of the links used are affiliate links. If you buy through the links, I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you.

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