Time Out for Gin?

Recently, a friend asked me what is going on with gins, as the last few ‘gins’ she tried were very disappointing. To be honest, I realised I’ve not been too keen on some of the recent gins either and find the endless new versions a bit, well… meh. Since the opening of the Sipsmith Distillery […]

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Home Bar Essentials

The concept of a home bar started in the 1940s America, where people were living sociable lifestyles and neighbours popping in for a quick tipple was the norm. All the way through to the 60s many liked to entertain guests at home and they had proper bar tops and trolleys, so they could easily fix […]

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Kalevala – A Distillery True to Its Roots

It is easy for me to relate to this distillery. They are based in Finnish-Karelia, where I went to university, but they also have links to Russian parts of Karelia, where my grandad grew up. The name of the distillery is based on the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala, a significant work of Finnish literature. […]

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Day at the Gin Spa

gin spa in glasgow

Gin & Cheese, Gin & Chocolate (my least favourite pairing…), Gin & Disco, Gin on a boat… There have been many events where Gin is served in various forms and paired with anything you can possibly think of. But I think we have found you a winner, the best combo possible! The Gin Spa, where Gin meets spa treatments, the pampering of your dreams!

Hands up if you can see yourself sipping a Gin cocktail whilst getting your nails done!

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Summer BBQ with Malfy Gin (+ Cocktail Recipes)

Is there anything better than a nice warm summer’s evening with delicious food and refreshing drinks? There is something really nice about being able to eat outdoors. To match the summer vibes, I have a perfect gin range for you…. Nothing says summer better than Malfy Gin!

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6 Ways to Jazz Up Your G&T This Summer

Recently I have been steering away from the classic G&T (Gin, it’s not you, it’s me…). Instead I have been making Rhubarb Gin Sours, Negronis and other cocktails. But as the sun is out and spring is here, I feel like it’s time to come back to the refreshing Gin and Tonics, but rather than […]

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Gin Botanicals Explained

Everyone seems to be ginning it, but how much do you actually know about what goes into your favourite Gin? Can you, for example, recognise the botanicals just by tasting the Gin? Juniper is the key botanical; the spirit can’t be called Gin without juniper. There are a few other core botanicals that are found […]

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Celebrity Spirits – A Guarantee of Quality or Just a Ruse?

Many drink brands have turned to celebrities to boost their marketing, but as consumers, how much do we allow famous people to influence our purchasing? Do people really assume it must be good just because you they saw Idris Elba drink it? It can be debatable whether celebs are used to improve sales of mediocre […]

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Destille Berlin – Celebrating Craft Spirits

Destille Berlin is a craft spirit festival where for two days distilleries showcase their unique artisanal spirits. Everything must be sustainably made with natural ingredients and independently produced. This year you could sample anything from gin, rum, whisky, mezcal, vodka, aquavit, and cognac to fruit brandies and much more. Destille is open to buyers, distillers, […]

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