Living in Lockdown – Tips for Keeping Sane

View over Florence

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” – John Donne With the current climate of uncertainty and restrictions, the best advice is to stay at home as much as possible. If you are able to work from home, do so. Some […]

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Six Drinks to Keep You Warm

Festive drinks

Summer is over and instead of sipping refreshing drinks on the beach, we will soon be shivering at home looking longingly at those holiday brochures. Somehow drinking Aperol Spritz or fruity Pimm’s Cup during these colder months doesn’t seem quite right. Our brains seem to connect these drinks with sunshine and summer, but what do […]

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Telegraph Gin Experience

Imagine relaxing on a deckchair on a sunny day with a gin and tonic in your hand. There’s a nice breeze and you can smell the BBQ. You’re not on the beach, but in one of the London’s most beautiful venues, The Roof Gardens in Kensington, where the flamingos (yes, real flamingos!) wander freely and […]

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8 Delicious Gin Cocktails

Jazzing up your regular Gin cocktails – here’s what is hot right now! 1 Recommended Gin: Napue 40ml Napue 15ml Rosemary-Cranberry syrup (add Habanero chilli if you dare) 20ml Lime juice 15ml Egg white Shake, double strain and serve in cute cocktail glass. Add salt and pepper rim. Rosemary-Cranberry syrup 100g Frozen cranberries 10g Rosemary […]

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Let’s Talk About Gin

The Gin market is booming and there seems to be new micro- and artisanal distilleries popping up everywhere. But what do we actually know about these craft Gins? There are, in fact, so many new Gins on the market now that going into a bar and simply asking for a G&T is like going to […]

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The Gin Corner

Whilst in Rome I read about a bar serving mainly Gin so obviously I had to go and find it. It was fairly easy to find by Piazza di Firenze, but, to my surprise, it was part of a fancy-looking hotel. Luckily I had dressed up as I would have felt completely underdressed wearing Converse […]

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