Ginger Beer Cocktails You’ll Love This Autumn!

How about a little kick of ginger to keep you nice and toasty this autumn? Time to go with the season and move on for delicious autumn cocktails. Nothing suits the cooler season better than a warming ginger beer. I have teamed up with Llanllyr Source (pronounced Clan-Clear) to create tasty recipes with their delicious […]

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The Finest Spirits Require Premium Mixers

I am always amazed at how many people overlook the importance of mixers and how they can transform your drink. You might spend ages scanning through the gin list but hardly think about your mixer…  “Could I have The Botanist and Tonic, please”… Have a think… Have you spent any time exploring the range of […]

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Exploring the World of Flavoured Mixers

Tonic water for savoury gin

Do you ever use any other mixers than plain Indian tonic water? While we have been paying attention to all the new gins, rums or other craft spirits, something else has happened in the world of top-quality drinks… An explosion of craft mixers! Indian tonic water is the most commonly used mixer and is often […]

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Hollows and Fentimans Spiced Ginger Beer (+ Cocktail Recipes)

Fentimans beverages are made with all-natural ingredients without any artificial sweeteners. They are specially brewed with botanicals for extra flavour. Spiced Ginger Beer Hollows and Fentimans alcoholic Spiced Ginger Beer, 4% ABV, is a versatile and fragrant drink. This gluten-free drink is strong enough on its own, served with ice and a lime wedge, and […]

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