This Is How to Store Your Spirits and Liqueurs Properly

Storing whisky bottles

We all have those bottles at the back of the bar or cupboard that are simply collecting dust. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to use them or maybe it was a gift. Or perhaps it’s an expensive bottle of whisky that you are savouring and only having a dram or two on special occasions. Over […]

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Green Chartreuse – Elixir of Long Life

Green Chartreuse

Green Chartreuse, the king of liqueurs, has a bright green colour and complex flavour. It is an ancient herbal liqueur produced by Chartreuse monks in France. The taste is unique, with sweet but herbal notes. A very enjoyable liqueur served on its own and in many cocktails. A brief history Back in 1605, the Chartreuse […]

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Amaro and other Italian Bitters – Part 1

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in Italy, so what better reason to write about Amaro and other bitter liqueurs Italians love to drink? You may be familiar with Italian aperitivo culture, where most drinks (including cocktails) are made with bitters such as Campari or Aperol. Digestifs, on the other hand, are mainly served neat or on the rocks and are more intense in flavour.

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All-natural Amaretto you Must try!!

Distillery Bepi Tosolini, considered one of Italy’s best grappa distillers, has created a selection of tasty, all-natural liqueurs, anything from coffee to liquorice to strawberry and this beautiful Amaretto. Ingredients are sourced mainly locally in Friuli or nearby. Distillery Bepi Tosolini started as a grappa distillery in 1943, but over the years they have extended […]

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What to Drink in Scotland if You Don’t Like Whisky

If you aren’t used to drinking scotch just yet, here’s some ideas on how to drink in Scotland without feeling you’re missing out. There’s no better place to learn about whisky than the motherland of the great drink, so you might want to consider a few beginners’ scotches to ease you into it while you […]

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Galliano-Blueberry Shooter You’ll Love!

Galliano-Blueberry shooter, also known as Köllikki… Apart from any vodka-based shot, this delicious Galliano-based shooter is one of the most popular in Finland. Everywhere you go, people absolutely love it. In a large shot glass, layer Galliano, blueberry coulis (or blueberry soup is better  if you can get your hands on it) and whipped cream. Enjoy! […]

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