How to Level Up Your Picnic

sitting on a picnic blanket with a straw hat

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the warmer weather so that we can make the most of our new-found freedom post various degrees of lockdown and Covid-era restrictions. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors responsibly is to create a picnic. Picnics are easy to organise, people can keep their distance, and everyone can […]

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Go Classy with a Sherry Picnic

Are there many better ways to spend a lazy summer’s day than a sherry picnic with friends? If you haven’t tried it, I truly recommend it. I recently organised a little picnic for two of my favourite Norwegians so we could complain about the Swedish (only joking), whilst teaching them about the wonders of sherry. […]

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Summer is here and so is Pimm’s

Summer Pimm's

No matter what the occasion, Pimm’s will be poured throughout the summer, in jugs, highballs, and lately even from the tap. Pimm’s has confirmed its place as the quintessential English summer drink, often linked to posh events such as Ascot or Wimbledon, and it’s beautifully refreshing if properly served. At Wimbledon alone they can sell over 230,000 glasses in just two weeks!

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Summer Must-Do Drinking List!

1 Drink in at least two countries We often plan several trips and holidays for the summer months – there’s no better way to learn about the local life than enjoying a drink in a local bar or terrace. Don’t forget to sample the local specialities! 2 Learn a new cocktail recipe Take a cocktail […]

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