Summer Must-Do Drinking List!

1 Drink in at least two countries

We often plan several trips and holidays for the summer months – there’s no better way to learn about the local life than enjoying a drink in a local bar or terrace. Don’t forget to sample the local specialities!

drink abroad

2 Learn a new cocktail recipe

Take a cocktail class or jazz up your girly night in by offering the girls something new to drink.

3 Drink cocktails whilst watching the sunset

Love is in the air…

4 Host a boozy picnic

Everyone loves picnics! How about a ‘pimp your Prosecco’ or ‘bring a bottle’ themed picnic?

on the sauce again girls

5 Host a Bloody Mary party

Did you know vodka stole Bloody Mary from gin? Everyone can make their own variations from different spirits, spices and other secret ingredients. Garnish with mini burgers, bacon or any other heart-attack food.

6 Enjoy drinks and BBQ on the beach

Make a good old rum punch whilst the boys are in charge of the meat.

brighton beach

7 Enjoy a long boozy lunch

Nothing beats an unplanned long lunch on a nice summer day. Enjoy drinks and watch the world go by.

8 Have a drink with your mother

Why not? Mums are the best! I’ve already had a couple of Negronis with mine this summer.

9 Go gin or whisky trailing in Scotland

Looking for an alternative holiday? So far, Scotland has had the best weather this summer!

Lagavulin Distillelry Islay

10 Party all day and night during midsummer

Midsummer celebration is a tradition, especially in Nordic countries. June 20th is the longest day of the year (and my birthday!!) – this means daylight for longer, in some parts even throughout the night!

11 Find a new summer drink

We all love Aperol Spritz, but it’s time to get inventive and experiment with something new!

aperol spritz

12 Go to a rooftop party

Sunshine, music, views over the city and drinks – sounds like a good party to me!

13 Drink for the rainbows

Pride season has started! Find out when there is a parade or Pride party near you, dress to impress and have a drink!

rainbow flag pride

14 Outdoor cinema and drinks

Share a bottle of wine whilst watching Dirty Dancing outdoors!

15 Wimbledon drinks

There’s no summer without Pimm’s and tennis!

Summer pimms

What are your drinking highlights for this summer? Have you come up with a new summer cocktail? I would love to hear your recipes!

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  1. My fav outdoor thing to do in the summer is to head over to a local winery with some friends, pop a couple bottles, open up some cheese and crackers, and laugh the afternoon away. Easy to do because I live in California where the wineries are everywhere and they are GORGEOUS! Great list! xx

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