Best Scotch Whisky for Christmas

christmas whisky

When I think of the ideal whisky for Christmas, my mind and my tastebuds take me to those warming spices, dense fruit cakes, rich, fruity notes and maybe even a little smoke in there somewhere. I’m usually a bit of a peat freak but I’ve learned to appreciate sherried whiskies too, especially the ones that […]

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Tomatin Italian Collection Review

Tomatin Italian collection

Tomatin Distillery regularly releases special limited-edition series using casks from various countries. They have previously presented a selection of casks from France and Portugal. In September this year, they revealed the latest in the series: the Italian Collection. Italian Collection Tomatin Italian Collection consist of three different wine cask finishes: Marsala, Amarone and Barolo. All […]

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Festive Cocktail Recipes

festive cocktail

The festive season calls for festive drinks! During winter we tend to opt for hot toddies, Christmas spices and richer flavours, but what really makes the drink festive is the presentation. Use sprigs of rosemary, apple slices, clementines and various red berries to give the cocktail a festive flair. Which one of these festive cocktail […]

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Visiting Tomatin Distillery

tomatin 12yo whisky

Tomatin Distillery is located in the Highlands between Aviemore and Inverness on the Speyside border. Tomatin, which mean Hill of the Juniper, was once the biggest malt distillery in Scotland. I was recently invited to visit the distillery, where I got to meet master blender and global brand ambassador, Scott Adamson. He walked me through […]

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Borders Distillery and Experimental Whisky

Borders distillery experimental series

Borders Distillery in Hawick was the first scotch whisky distillery to open in the Borders since 1837. The distillery received a planning permission back in 2015 and the first spirit run took place in March 2018. The distillery is in a beautifully restored Victorian industrial building. They’ve done an impressive job of preserving the historical buildings […]

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The History of Hot Toddy + Recipes

It’s finally hot toddy season! The classic hot toddy is made with hot water, honey, lemon and a good measure of whisky. Although by no means do you have to limit yourself to whisky. Try rum, brandy or even gin. Let’s look into the history of hot toddy and how our favourite winter warmer came […]

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5 Haunted Scotch Whisky Distilleries

whisky warehouse

As it is the month of October, I thought I’d share a few stories of haunted whisky distilleries. These all took place in various locations in Scotland, although it seems to me that distilleries in other countries have had their fair share of ghostly visitors also. From headless riders to mystic vibrations, these ghost stories […]

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Whisky and Water – To Dilute or Not to Dilute?

There wouldn’t be whisky without water. In fact, the word whisky comes from the Gaelic word uisge meaning water, which, in turn, comes from Latin aqua vitae (uisge beatha in Scottish Gaelic), as in water of life. Everyone appreciates the importance of the water source when it comes to making whisky. If you’ve read my […]

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Visiting Lindores Abbey Distillery

Inka Larissa at Lindores Abbey distillery

During my recent visit to Scotland, I also had an evening at Lindores Abbey distillery, which is located in north-west Fife. Lindores Abbey is a fairly new single malt distillery built in the grounds of a former abbey. It really is the perfect place for a party! The highlight of the evening was a whisky tasting […]

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