Boozy Chocolate Cocktails to Make at Home!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? In the UK, people consume on average 11kg of chocolate per person per year and I wouldn’t be surprised if a large chunk of it was during Christmas time. I met with Jeff from The Chocolate Teapot in Brighton to create perfect liquid chocolate desserts for this holiday season. We used milk, white and dark chocolate with different spirits and liqueurs. Here are our favourites.

Chocolate Orange Martini

25ml Vodka

20ml Cointreau

35ml Espresso

10g Grated dark chocolate (we used 72% Venezuelan)

Mix all in a Boston shaker and double strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with milk chocolate shavings or orange zest.

chocolate martini

White Christmas

25ml Crème de cacao blanc 

35ml Vodka

2 dashes of Vanilla syrup (we mixed water, sugar and a vanilla pod to create our own)

20ml Cream

5g Grated white chocolate (we used 34% French)

Drop of fresh orange juice (from an orange wedge)

Nutmeg to taste

Mix all in a Boston shaker. I recommend going easy on the nutmeg and adjust the taste carefully, as nutmeg can easily overpower the drink. Pour into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with milk chocolate shavings.

white chocolate cocktail


35ml Bruichladdich single malt whisky

10ml Kahlua

50ml Espresso

10g Milk chocolate (we used 38% French couverture)

½ tbsp Smooth peanut butter

Shake well in a Boston shaker and strain into a chilled glass coffee cup. Serve with or without ice. Garnish with milk chocolate and a nice straw.

peanut butter whisky

Liquid Chocolate

50ml Vodka

25ml Water

40g Milk chocolate (we used 38% French couverture)

25ml Cointreau

Melt the chocolate slightly, then add water, Cointreau and vodka over the heat and stir a few times. Shake the mixture over ice in a Boston shaker to cool it down. Serve in a coupe glass. The final drink should be rich in chocolate and the texture will be heavier. Think of it as a drinkable pudding.

more chocolate vodka

And last but not least, my favourite – edible chocolate shot glasses!

chocolate shot glasses empty

chocolate shot glasses

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