Double Dutch – A Perfect Twin for Your Spirit


For countless times I have stressed how important it is to use good quality mixers with spirits. What is the point of buying a top quality spirits when a poor mixer will ruin the tasting experience? If ¾ of the drink is the mixer you should make sure you use premium soft drinks.

When Dutch twins Joyce and Raissa de Haas created a range of fun all-natural soft drinks they wanted to bring top quality spirits to life by bringing out new, rich and balanced flavours. Mixing drinks and making cocktails should be fun, these new flavours are playful and exciting, exactly what the rather dull soft drink market needed.


The girls researched different flavours and how to make them balanced for the palate. Each fine ingredient is sourced with care to offer you the most exciting flavour experiences when served with a spirit or on its own.

The efforts have been recognised when Richard Branson supported the Double Dutch vision by rewarding them with ‘Best Innovative Food and Beverage Brand’ at Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur Awards.

Pomegranate & Basil

Pomegranate is both sweet and sharp making it excellent flavour to be combined with gin. Basil adds a lovely peppery notes to go with the sweetness and the outcome is slightly spicy yet sweet on the tongue. This one goes surprisingly well with dark rum.

Cucumber & Watermelon

This mixer can be slightly confusing as sometimes you just can’t figure out which one you are tasting more, the cucumber or the melon. A bit more on the sweet side when served on its own, yet delightful with gin.

Cranberry & Ginger

An exciting new flavour came out this month, cranberry with a hint of ginger, which for me sounds like a done deal as I happily give my Moscow Mule a Christmassy twist. This tonic water is designed especially for darker spirits as it is not too sweet or too overpowering. The cranberry adds slight sweetness, whilst the ginger brings nice warmth. This flavour combination complements dark spirits, such as cognac.


Indian Tonic Water

They have even put more thought into the good old Indian Tonic Water. You often hear people saying they don’t like gin, yet in most cases they just don’t like the tonic rather than the gin itself. Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water is made with this in mind, the quinine flavour is softer and less bitter. This tonic water is brighter with added pink grapefruit and subtle extra juniper to balance the sometimes shocking quinine.

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water also has a slimmer sister with 60% fewer calories. Slimline Indian Tonic Water can be a refreshing drink served on its own or doubled up with white spirits.

If you wonder how to mix these wonderful soft drinks into cocktails check for inspiration.

On the Sauce Again has teamed up with Double Dutch twins to give one lucky reader a change to enjoy one months (YES! A whole month) worth of mixers!

Just share this post on social media, follow both On the Sauce Again and Double Dutch and tell us which flavour combination you’d like to see in the future! Competition ends 10th November 2016.


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