5 Delicious Party Drinks with Fentimans!

I enjoy mixing drinks at home, but sometimes I feel like I end up spending the whole night just shaking and stirring and filling up other people’s glasses. So when Fentimans asked me to play around with their mixers to come up with some yummy alcoholic drinks for the festive period, I realised this was how I could get rid of my serving problem this Christmas (and New Year’s Eve)!

Fentimans mixers come in large (500ml) bottles and in several yummy flavours. My personal favourites are Bitter Lemon, Rose Lemonade and Pink Grapefruit. With these you can create fun but easy cocktails and be sure there will be a drink for everyone’s taste.

I made vodka- and gin-based drinks, together with some fresh fruit. But you don’t have to limit yourself to white spirits, as tequila, for example, will go well with Fentimans Pink Grapefruit, and rum makes a perfect pairing with Fentimans Ginger Beer (although be warned their Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime is a bit on the sweet side).

Impress your guests at Christmas with these simple recipes!

1 Gin & Rose – A beautiful welcome drink! 

25ml Gin (I used Ginerosity)

Fentimans Rose Lemonade

Prosecco (optional)

Add the gin to a large champagne flute and top up with equal measures of rose lemonade and prosecco. I personally prefer using all three ingredients, but a friend of mine preferred hers with more gin and topped up with rose lemonade only.

Garnish with mint.

Tip: Keep all your ingredients chilled for the best result.

2 Cucumber & Bitter – I freaking love this one! 

50ml Gin

Dash of sugar syrup

Fresh lime juice

3 Cucumber slices

Fentimans Bitter Lemon

Simply cut the cucumber into smaller bits and add them into an old-fashioned glass. Then slightly muddle together with the lime juice (squeeze in the juice of one wedge) before adding the sugar syrup and gin. Add plenty of ice and top up with Fentimans Bitter Lemon. Give it a quick stir and garnish with a cucumber or a lime wheel.

3 Rosemary & Bitter – Simple, but refreshing winter drink!

50ml Gin

Fentimans Bitter Lemon

A sprig of rosemary

Simply add ice, gin and Fentimans Bitter Lemon and garnish with the rosemary.


4 Strawberry Lemonade – For those who like it a tad sweeter

35ml Berry Vodka (I used Arbikie Strawberry Vodka)

Dash of sugar syrup

2 Strawberries, diced

Fresh mint

Fentimans Lemonade

Slightly muddle the strawberries together with the sugar syrup. Add mint and vodka, give it a stir and add ice. Top up with Fentimans Lemonade. Garnish with mint.

Tip: To avoid bits in the drink, and if you have a cocktail shaker, you can shake all but the lemonade, together with the ice. Strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass and top up with Fentimans Lemonade.

5 Gin & Pink Grapefruit – An elegant bubbly for your NYE party! 

25ml Gin

Elderflower cordial


Fentimans Pink Grapefruit

In a large champagne flute combine gin, elderflower cordial (to taste) and equal amounts of prosecco and Fentimans Pink Grapefruit. To make it into a long drink use a bigger glass with ice. Increase the amount of Fentimans Pink Grapefruit and top up with a dash of soda water instead of Prosecco. Garnish with a pink grapefruit slice.

Tip: Replace gin with vodka and elderflower with ginger liqueur (or homemade ginger syrup).

Fentimans Mixer Giveaway!

Fentimans wanted to give you a chance to kick start the New Year with some yummy mixers (also perfect served on their own if you are going dry for January)!

Simply share this post on social media and tell us about your ultimate Christmas drink!

Competition ends 28th December 2017.

fentimans ginger.png

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Fentimans Ltd, but, as always, all opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. My favourite is simply a Champagne or English fizz. A gin and tonic is a close second
    I shared on Twitter @sayhelloflo

  2. When we break up from work, we all go out and end the night with the cocktail Blow Job drank with no hands of course

  3. My perfect Christmas drink has to be a homemade Snowball as it’s the only time I have one because of the memories it invokes but a gin based cocktail is my preference

    1. Hi Rosie. I’ve sent you an email regarding the competition (you’re our winner!). As soon as we have your reply we can get the case sent out to you. Happy new year! 😊

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