Fabulous Booze-related Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard to find something new to give, but fear no more! I have collected some fab Christmas gift ideas, which everyone would want (they just might not know it yet!). No matter what their favourite tipple is, here are some suggestions to go under the tree.

For the ladies

Books about booze

cuban-book whiskey-women shake

Whiskey women – inspiring stories about women in the spirit industry. Women have long distilled, marketed, and owned spirits companies. These strong women built many iconic brands, including Bushmills, Laphroaig, and Maker’s Mark.

Cuban cocktails – learn the secrets of over 50 Cuban cocktails, from classic cocktails from Havana to Cuba-inspired modern classics!

Shake. Stir. Sip: More than 50 Effortless Cocktails Made in Equal Parts – say no more…

Cocktail kit


Delux Tiki cocktail gift hamper – This cocktail set comes in a wicker hamper filled with all the equipment you need to make some banging cocktails over the holidays!

Glassware to die for

You know me – I just LOVE the glassware! Urbanbar.com has beautiful cocktail glasses for reasonable prices. I’m sold!

glass retrococktail-glass

How about this retro Disaronno set? Funky bottle with pretty glasses – a perfect gift set!


Beautiful bottles

For those who already have everything… or someone who appreciates a proper drink.

Reyka vodka – I love this Icelandic vodka! Did you know it’s the world’s first ‘green’ vodka? It’s made from glacial water and distilled using sustainable energy from geothermal heat.


Today there are many spirits out there with the most beautiful packaging, and luckily they taste great too! Any gin lover would be delighted to have a bottle of Monkey 47 (it’s just so good!!) or a beautiful bottle of Silent Pool Gin under their tree.

monkey-47-jpg silent-pool-gin

If you don’t want to buy a whole bottle…

Classic Martini set or super-cute mini skull tequila bottles will be received with joy!

mini_sets_kah1 mini_sets_tip3


Obviously, it needs to be pink leather


Gin baubles

Forget boozy advent calendars, it’s all about Pickering’s gin baubles this Christmas!



For men

Books about booze

moonshine-book      drink-like-a

Drink like a grown-up – this book is all about mastering your basic knowledge of spirits and classic cocktails, and we ladies like a man with skills… If your beau still drinks like a teenage boy on Jägerbombs, this is the book for him.

The moonshine wars – this book explores different moonshining families and family dynamics through the eyes of Terry Lee Kincaid III, a young man deeply involved in his family’s bootlegging business.

Brown leather cocktail toolkit

Toolkit made from premium brown cow hide, with a variety of elasticated loops and straps, but unfortunately, it’s sold empty. I recommend you include some proper barware. See here for some kick-ass collections.

tools copper-cat

Bottles of booze

It can be hard to choose Christmas gifts for men. That’s why I have included an extensive list of some to-die-for bottles everyone will appreciate!

Hedgehog Gin – This love potion is the first gin to use botanicals such as Damiana, Ginseng and Guarana, also known as love herbs due to their alleged abilities to boost your sex life.

gin hedgehog  napue-gin

Napue Gin – in rye we trust, right?!

Metaxa 12 stars – beautiful Greek brandy is a perfect winter drink.


Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva – Venezuelan rum matured in whisky barrels. Trust me, it’s gooood!

Copperhead Gin with bitters – Three different flavours of bitters matched with a gin from Belgium. Loving this!


Whisky decanter

There are so many beautiful decanters in vintage shops, but if you don’t have time to go shopping, check Etsy or Amazon for great decanters. Obviously, these can be used for other spirits too.


*Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you.

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