Pink Gins for Valentine’s Day

Pink gin was originally created to cure seasickness. Plymouth Gin was simply mixed with a few drops of angostura bitters. Soon the sailors brought the recipe to the mainland and it became a popular drink in bars across England.

Today we can enjoy a range of pink gins with flavours varying from tangy rhubarb to sweet strawberry. These pink gins can be served with tonic water as you would your usual G&T, or serve together with prosecco or make a delicious Valentine’s Day cocktail.

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1 Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin, 70cl, 40% ABV

A beautiful gin made with freshly pressed rhubarb juice, which is then mixed with Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin. Just enough sugar is added to balance the sharpness of the rhubarb. This pink gin won’t disappoint! A lovely balance of tangy, yet sweet, rhubarb and spiciness from juniper, black pepper and cardamom. Serve with premium tonic and a slice of lemon or make a yummy pink sour.

warner e rhubarb

2 Mombasa Club Strawberry Gin, 70cl, 37.5% ABV

The gin is triple distilled before it is infused with strawberries and other red fruit, all natural of course. The outcome is sweet, but you can also taste the juniper and a hint of liquorice. Serve with tonic water and red berries of your choice.


3 Edinburgh Raspberry Gin Liqueur, 50cl, 20% ABV

Scottish raspberries are picked at peak ripeness for the best flavour. These raspberries are added into classic Edinburgh Gin together with a little sugar, and then left to macerate for a month. Other known botanicals include lavender, mulberries, orange peel and lemongrass. Serve on its own over ice, or try it with prosecco to make lovely cocktails.


4 Gordon’s Pink Gin, 70cl, 37.5% ABV

Gordon’s Pink Gin is made using only natural flavours from strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants. This recipe is inspired by Gordon’s original recipe dating back to the 1880s. Serve with half and half of lemonade and prosecco, and garnish with a red berry.

gordon pink

5 Boodles Mulberry Gin Liqueur, 70cl, 30% ABV

If you’ve had enough of sloe gin I recommend you try Boodles Mulberry Gin Liqueur. Boodles British Gin as the base adds complexity with its herbal botanicals such as rosemary and sage. The taste is reminiscent of raspberries and currants, sweet and slightly tart.

Boodles British Gin dates back to 1845 and it was relaunched under new ownership in 2013. The name comes from Boodle’s Gentleman’s Club in London. Rumour has it that Winston Churchill was one of its members.


6 Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin, 70cl, 37.5% ABV

This premium Spanish pink gin was made by accident when the master distiller tried to create a strawberry liqueur. Luckily for us, he ended up with Strawberry Gin instead! The gin gets its flavour from fresh Spanish strawberries, and the outcome is light and slightly sweet. The juniper and strawberries are left to macerate together for 48 hours before distillation. Serve it as you would a normal G&T.

puerto de indias

What is your favourite pink gin? Share your serves with us by commenting below. 


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