The One Drink We Should All Be Drinking More Of

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This Friday is World Water Day (22nd March), which works as a good reminder for us all not only to appreciate the clean water available to us but also to remember that water is the key to looking after our bodies on a daily basis. And don’t forget when you are on a night out or attending a whisky tasting, water will give you a better tasting experience and keep you hydrated throughout the night.

Working around alcohol it is clear how much water means to this business – whisky distilleries used to fight over their water sources (see Laphroaig vs Lagavulin), and today brands are taking advantage of water running though limestone or lava rock. A pure, perfectly balanced water source is important and will add to the quality of the final product. No two waters taste the same.

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Why you should be drinking more water?

How much water do you drink each day? Our bodies consist of around 60% water, which helps to flush out toxins and keep us hydrated, but we also constantly lose water, which should be replaced by drinking at least eight glasses (two litres) of water a day. Around 80% of our blood is water, which transfers oxygen and nutrients between our cells. Even our brain is 90% of water, which explains all those headaches you might get when your body is becoming dehydrated (did you forget to drink water during a night out? …BIG mistake!).

There are a lot of important minerals in drinking water, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. We need calcium to maintain strong bones, magnesium for our energy levels, sodium to improve brain function and potassium for healthy blood pressure… just to give you a few examples of the important role of water in our daily lives.


I’m always amazed how little water people actually drink. Some even look appalled when you try to offer them a glass of water: “I don’t like water”, they say. Who doesn’t like water?!

Water is the best beauty tip you can ever have. If you want to look fabulous (think radiant, smooth skin), make sure you keep drinking water. Water will provide you with vitamins and nutrients that alcohol tries to remove… Think of it as the cheapest anti-ageing product you can have! Always look for quality water without added minerals or processing.

Llanllyr Source Water

Llanllyr estate is in west Wales at the base of an ancient glacial valley, where the glacial sands and the endless rainfall together contribute to creating natural spring water with a perfect mineral balance. Llanllyr Source (pronounced clan-clear) natural spring water is drawn from certified organic land, which has been farmed by the same family for over 300 years. They have always cared about environmental values and sustainable land management.

The company closely monitors its carbon footprint and sustainably manages and maintains both the water source and its lands. It even uses solar power in its manufacturing facilities. Recently, Llanllyr Source launched 100% recyclable aluminium cans for its still and sparkling water.

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No minerals are added; Llanllyr Source water comes straight from the pure water source. The outcome is exceptionally low in dry residue levels (111mg/l). Dry residue level, also known as TDS, includes salts, metals and minerals that can be found in the water. Water is rarely completely pure, and even with natural processes, there may still be minerals and other solids. The best-quality water would have TDS levels under 150mg/l.

Llanllyr Source water is used as a base for their mixers range, which are all made using all-natural ingredients and are surprisingly low in calories. For more about their mixers, check my previous article The Finest Spirits Require Premium Mixers.

Bottom line

There are so many positive side effects from drinking water I simply don’t see any reason not to take advantage of it. Are you feeling tired or maybe suffering from headaches? Drink more water. Is your skin looking dull? Drink more water. Are you feeling hungry even if you ate only a little while ago? Drink more water. Basically, your body will thank you for taking on this new habit.

Llanllyr Source mixers and waters are widely available in many hotels, bars and restaurants in the US and in the UK. You can also order your own bottles from Amazon or visit their stall at National restaurant Association show in Chicago in May or at Imbibe Live in London in July.

Disclaimer: This post has been created in (paid) collaboration with Llanllyr Source. As always, all words and opinions are my own. 

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