Whisky and Water – To Dilute or Not to Dilute?

There wouldn’t be whisky without water. In fact, the word whisky comes from the Gaelic word uisge meaning water, which, in turn, comes from Latin aqua vitae (uisge beatha in Scottish Gaelic), as in water of life. Everyone appreciates the importance of the water source when it comes to making whisky. If you’ve read my […]

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The One Drink We Should All Be Drinking More Of

water glass

This Friday is World Water Day (22nd March), which works as a good reminder for us all not only to appreciate the clean water available to us but also to remember that water is the key to looking after our bodies on a daily basis. And don’t forget when you are on a night out […]

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Rethinking Drinking – A Simple Tip Many of Us Forget

Ever wonder what is the secret for sensible drinking? Fancy a night out but worry about extra calories? Love having fun but fed up with the hangovers? Looking for a simple remedy without spending a fortune? I am happy to reveal the secret of how to drink sensibly and skip the hangover, and it’s FREE! […]

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