Rethinking Drinking – A Simple Tip Many of Us Forget

Ever wonder what is the secret for sensible drinking?

Fancy a night out but worry about extra calories?

Love having fun but fed up with the hangovers?

Looking for a simple remedy without spending a fortune?

I am happy to reveal the secret of how to drink sensibly and skip the hangover, and it’s FREE!

The answer is WATER.

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Water is often overlooked, but it is actually one of the most important drinks. Here are a few reasons to remind you why water is the best thing.

First of all… no water, no booze.

Without water, we wouldn’t have all the great spirits to drink! Pure, clean waters are needed to create beautiful gins, vodkas and other liquors. Many distillers take pride in their water source, and people have even fought over waters in the past (see The Whisky Battle)!

Water is used as a base for the spirit but also to dilute the alcohol levels before bottling. Blending needs skill and time to carefully marry the water and alcohol to create the perfect combination without compromising the taste.

We need water for ice cubes, and sometimes a drop of water in whisky will enhance the whole tasting experience.

Makar Glasgow Gin

Why should we drink it?

It is not all about the booze, we need water to keep ourselves looking fresh and feeling fresh. It’s time to say no to hangovers!

You might be surprised, but I drink a glass of water for every glass of booze I drink. It keeps the hangovers away and stops me drinking too much too fast. Definitely a highly recommended habit for everyone to take on.

Our body consists predominantly of water and it is water that helps to flush out the toxins from our bodies and keeps us hydrated. On average, we lose 1.5 to 2.5 litres of water a day, even more if we exercise. We are also supposed to replace this amount as soon as possible. It is recommended to have at least eight glasses of water a day.

drink more water

Let’s sum up the facts

1 Helps to avoid extra calories

Drinking water can also help to reduce your calorie intake. When you get used to drinking water you avoid drinking sugary drinks instead. If you sometimes wonder why you feel hungry even if you have recently eaten, it may be lack of water in your system. Just drink a glass and you’ll feel better. It also raises your metabolism and has no calories.

2 Hydration

We need to keep our body hydrated to avoid all sort of issues – tiredness, dry skin, headaches, muscle cramps and kidney problems, to say the least. Our bodies are around 70% water (and brains 90%!), therefore it is a no-brainer that we need to keep the water in our body to function properly.

3 Keeps you looking fabulous

Probably the best reason of them all… who wouldn’t want to look young and fresh forever! Alcohol dehydrates your skin and strips off vitamins and nutrients that are vital for its health. Therefore it is very important to keep the balance by drinking plenty of water. Water moisturises your skin and keeps it soft, smooth and glowing. It gets rid of wrinkles, making it the cheapest anti-ageing treatment available!

4 Slows you down on a night out

It’s always a good idea to pace yourself when drinking, especially on a proper night out. Sometimes it is hard to say no to a drink, but if you keep water handy you will drink less booze. I often have both water and a G&T on the table at the same time. In fact, I have a jug of tap water to make sure I will keep drinking it. You’ll feel better the next day and won’t embarrass yourself during the night by having one too many. Try it, you will be surprised how fast others join you.

5 Flushes out toxins

You need water to keep your kidneys doing their job properly. Kidneys cleanse your body, and by drinking water, you help with the process. Lack of water can cause kidney stones as the toxins can cause blockages.

6 Works as immune system booster

Drinking plenty of water helps you to stay healthy. It prevents flu, cancer and other issues such as high blood pressure. If you drink plenty of water during a night out it will also keep the hangovers away.


Bottom line

Water. It really is that simple. Drink more water daily and especially when you are out boozing and you will enjoy the night more, not to mention the next day. Your body (and face!) will thank you if you take on this inexpensive habit.

About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods. If you don’t want to carry water around, make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg to help with hydration. For extra vitamins or if you don’t like the taste of water, add slices of cucumber or lemon to your water (you would be surprised how often I’ve heard someone say they don’t like water).

How much water are you drinking daily?


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