Six Reasons Why You Should Drink in January

drink a lot

1 All the hospitality venues are desperate for business

All the pubs, bars and restaurants are doing special deals and events to attract customers in January. Make the most of it, book a gin tasting or a cocktail masterclass and have a blast with your friends.

2 Hotel deals

Hotels are also offering deals during dark January. Pack your bags and surprise your partner with a relaxing spa break. Accompanied by a champagne cocktail, obviously! Then enjoy dinner in the evening and finish the rest of the bottle.

3 Going cold turkey is bad for your health

What is the point of being all goody-goody during the whole of January when you’ll most likely end up binge drinking on 1st February? All the studies show that it’s healthier to drink at a lower steadier rate than have a month off and binge drink at the end of it. You end up congratulating yourself for surviving the longest month of the whole year by going to the pub. Then all your mates will also buy you drinks because you missed so many in January, and you quickly get back to your old habits. It’s like January never happened and you are back at drinking way too much, way too often. We really should just remember to have days off from boozing more often during the whole year and not just in one month.

4 Because you won’t lose weight being dry

Some hope they will drop a few pounds if they don’t imbibe, but you are more likely to gain a few pounds being dry than to lose it. Most people still continue to socialise and end up downing pints of Coca-Cola, lemonade or some horrid cordials. These have too much sugar in them, and even if you try to drink slimline, you just add more toxic chemicals into your body by consuming several sweeteners. It’s better just to hit the gym on your non-boozy days.

5 It’s dark outside and everyone gets the post-holiday blues

Beat the post-Christmas depression by partying with your friends. Alcohol releases feel-good chemicals in the brain and makes us feel happier. Go out or have a cocktail party at home. You can invent new drink creations by using the leftover booze from New Year’s Eve. Who wouldn’t want to wear the new outfit you got from Santa or to boast about the gifts you have been given?

6 The month is too long to not have a drink

The whole time you will be thinking of drinking and counting the days. There’re too many days in January to waste on being boring. Just open the bottle of wine to go with a series of Sex and the City. There’re 31 days in January, if you have to skip a month, stick to February!


Going dry for January? If not, what plans do you have? Are you making the most of all the special deals and discounts?

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  1. There are too many gorgeous gins I’ve been gifted from Christmas that I’ve yet still to try. My husband won a bottle from The Gin King of Crafters Floral Infused Gin just before Christmas, so there’s no way I’m going dry. 😊😊😊

    1. I totally agree, I received so many new gins too! We also got a great deal on a skiing trip so I am planning on having few hot toddies and spiked hot chocolates there 🙂 Enjoy Ginuary!

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