Boozy Christmas Gift Guide for Any Budget!


This year just flew by, I am still not in terms with the idea of Christmas being only few weeks away! Even if I am definitely not a cold weather person, I am a huge fan of the festive period. Candlelight, cute decorations, Christmas markets and most importantly, all the food and drink you can possible handle.

Christmas also means we need to start planning gifts, something fun and different from the previous years. I have come up with an exciting and boozy-licious gift list suitable for all budgets. Just click and save time by buying it all online!

Under £10 

1 Bramble Ramble Tea £5.50

Classic berry gin cocktail with a twist of lemon.

2 Boozy raspberries (infused with Pinkster Gin) £6.50

3 Rose Gold Plated Ginza Jigger £7.74

Because it’s beautiful and everyone should have a spirit measure at home. Also comes in copper.

4 Gin colouring book £7.99

5 Pink & Gold Pineapple Coasters – Set of 4 £8.95

6 Mojito Bath House Handbag Pamper Set £9.95

Mango Mojito bath salt and lip balm for all the cocktail lovers.


1 Cocktail notebook £10

Padded fabric cover and 72 pages to keep all those cocktail recipes in hand. It also smells of lemons!

2 Prosecco shaped lights £10

3 Glitter cocktail shaker £10

Everyone loves a little glitter!

4 Just add Gin Tea blending kit £16

This kit has six tea infusions bursting with flavour, just add gin and leave it to rest for 24-48 hours.

5 Straight Up -book £16.99

Explore the best bars around the world. Perfect gift for someone who travels a lot.

6 Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla Liqueur £18.50

7 Glencairn Cut Crystal Glass £18.95

Beautiful whisky glass makes a great gift for a whisky lover.


1 Sipsmith Sloe Gin £23.24

There’s no Christmas without Sloe Gin!

2 Tattoo Tin on Tin Cocktail Shaker £23.68

Luxury tattoo design cocktail shaker made with Japanese steel. It’s AMAZING!

3 Rainbow coloured hip flask £24

It is changing colour before your eyes!

4 Tom of Finland Vodka £24.95

A vodka named after gay icon and homoerotic fetish artist Tom of Finland aka Touko Laaksonen. Made using organic wheat and rye as well as pure arctic water.

5 Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka £27.95

Made from pure whole milk. Beautiful vodka!

6 Japanese Whisky tasting set £29.90


1 LSA International Assorted Vodka Set and Oak Paddle £30.84 (on sale, normally £42)

Gift for a vodka lover! Six beautiful coloured vodka glasses served on an oak paddle, excellent for social occasions.

2 Poetic License Fireside Gin £34.95

Gin with mulled spices and festive fruits, that’s Christmas sorted!

3 Plantation Pineapple £35.95

The rinds of pineapples are infused in Plantation white rum for a week then distilled. Also the fruit of pineapples are infused in dark rum for three months. Finally these are married together and left to mature in casks for three months.

4 Cocktail Strainer Set £36.08

Good equipment are a key for making great cocktails at home. (Also comes in copper for £52.55)

5 Pre-bottled Manhattan Cocktail £37.95

Mixed by The Handmade Cocktail Company and made with small batch bourbon, premium sweet vermouth and a secret blend of bitters.

6 Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin £39.95

Perfect gift for someone who loves a Negroni and has been looking for a perfect gin for their cocktail.


1 American Oak Toasted Barrel 1l £42

Do you now someone who wants to make their own whisky or transfer their vodka into something powerful? Also suitable for ageing a Negroni or other cocktails. (It is recommend to first let something else age in it for few weeks before adding the cocktail to avoid overpowering oak notes)

2 Big Peat Christmas 2017 £53.95

Someone calling themselves a hard-core whisky drinker?

3 Brenne French Single Malt £55.95

Launched by Allison Parc. Brenne French Single Malt Whisky is made with malted barley grown in Cognac, double distilled, then matured in Limousin oak casks before it’s finished in Cognac casks.

4 Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Gift Pack £60.34

Three 20cl bottles of single malt Scotch whisky. Perfect for someone who likes to explore a range of whiskies.

5 The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Memebership from £65

Annual membership includes access to tasting events, dram discounts, entry for member (and up to 3 guests) to Members’ Rooms in Edinburgh and London and much more.

6 Nginious! Vermouth Cask Gin £76.00

This is a great gin, perfect for a Martini!

7 Burleigh’s Gin Hampers £85-99

Choose from five different hampers. Use the code SAUCE10 for 10% discount!

And some pre-Christmas treats for yourself, whilst you are at it…

Set of 3 miniature Black Cow Vodka bottles suitable for baubles

Miniature Daffy’s Gin bottles for sock fillers

Pickering’s Gin Baubles to brighten up your tree


*Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you.

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