Bonfire in a Bottle – Bonfire Night

If you aren’t able to celebrate Bonfire Night but wish to experience the smoke and fire flavours at home, these bottlings are for you! I have selected a range of spirits and liqueurs that will bring the memories of Bonfire Night to you in no time. For extra effect, sip these by the fireplace.

10 smoky-fuelled bottles to bring the bonfire to you

Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum, 70cl, £27.95 (41%)


Made with demerara rum from Guyana together with botanicals such as pine-smoked lapsang souchong and grains of paradise. Recommended in a Daiquiri. I also love the bottle and label.

2 Smokey Monkey Shoulder, 70cl, £29.95 (40%)

bonfire night whisky

Perfect whisky to create Burns Night cocktails with! Very affordable.

3 Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail, 50c, £35.96 (40%)

smoked cocktail

The cocktail has Hills & Harbour gin base. Made with smoked, toasted and macerated fruits (such as pineapple and orange), a lovely ready-made cocktail!

4 Ailsa Bay Sweet Smoke, 70cl, £54.96 (48.9%)

Smokey whisky

Peatier and sweeter version of the 2016 release. Made using micro-maturation, before the spirit is transferred to traditional sized casks.

5 Compass Box the Peat Monster, 70cl, £46.45 (46%)


This blended malt Scotch whisky gets great reviews. Smoky and earthy with a touch of tropical sweetness, lemon cheesecake and sea salt. Or as Dr Whisky described it: ‘Cigarette smoking though a meal of scrambled eggs, scallops and strawberry cheesecake. Pears, a bag of marijuana, cinnamon.’ Love it!

6 Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka, 70cl, £39.45 (40%)


This limited-edition vodka has been smoked with English oak. Expect bonfire and streaky bacon notes on the palate followed by creamy smoothness.

7 William Fox Hickory Smoke Gomme Syrup, 75cl, £9.95

smoked sugar syrup

Great way to add smokiness to your Bonfire Cocktails. Works especially well with whisky based drinks.

8 Burning Barn Smoked Rum, 70cl, £35.95 (40%)


This is a fireplace in a bottle. Cold smoked with local Warwickshire apple wood, with hints of burnt caramel and apples. Intense smoke with a fiery finish.

9 Octomore 9.1, 70cl, £115 (59.1%)

octomore for bonfire night

This intensely peaty single malt is designed to show how ingredients and distillation can create superior whisky in line with those prized simply for their age. Octomore 9.1 is aged in ex-American oak for five years. Surprisingly soft on the palate, yet full bodied with notes of coconut, fudge, nougat and rose petals.

10 Mount Gay XO Peat Smoke, 70cl, £199 (57%)

Limited edition Mount Gay XO, aged in casks previously used for peated Islay whisky. Lovely balance of salted caramel, popcorn and peat.

peated rum

Are you celebrating Bonfire Night? What will you be drinking?

*Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you. POST UPDTED OCT 2019

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