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Women have always been involved in whisky, from distilling at home to running large-scale operations. There was the legendary Bessie from Laphroaig, and Elizabeth Cumming, who used to run Cardhu distillery for years, just to name a few.  

But now women in the whisky business are more important than ever! There are several whisky bloggers, whisky writers, master blenders, brand ambassadors, managers and even women who own their own whisky brand!


Here’re 12 whisky women you should follow on Instagram! Just click the name and it will take you to their IG page.

1 Women and Whiskies – One of my favourite whisky accounts, they post beautiful photos of cocktails and whiskies.


2 The Whisky Lady – Whisky enthusiast, blogger and traveller, based in Toulouse, France.


3 Whisky Lassie – Columnist for Taps, Cask & Still, QC Relish & ScotchWhisky.com, she’s passionate about all things whisky! Many travel photos too!


4 Whisky Sister – Spirit Ambassador, posting all things booze and travel related, but mostly cocktails and whisky.


5 Whisky a go girl – Whisky enthusiast from California, exploring the whisky world one dram at a time.


6 Whisky Lifestyle – Great whisky recommendations and nice photos of them.


Allison Parc – Founder of Brenne Whisky. She always seems so happy (I guess I would be too if I’d have my own whisky brand!!), her pictures are fun and pretty!


8 Women Who Whiskey – Women Who Whiskey is an experimental whisky club for amateurs & connoisseurs. Founded in NYC, now in over 20 countries. Most of them have their own whisky accounts.


9 Women with Whiskey – Use #wwwhiskey hashtag when posting whisky photos and you may be featured.


10 The Whisky Regina – Fun pictures of wine and whisky, and occasional cats!


11 Kiss Me Whisky – A Polish whisky blogger with red lips and pretty nails!


12 Whisky Dreamer – Whisky fan, pictures vary from bottles and dogs to women having a good old drink.


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  1. I think you missed someone = you are not on here!! I know you love all spirits, so surely you should be included Inka?!

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