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Distillery Bepi Tosolini, considered one of Italy’s best grappa distillers, has created a selection of tasty, all-natural liqueurs, anything from coffee to liquorice to strawberry and this beautiful Amaretto. Ingredients are sourced mainly locally in Friuli or nearby.

Distillery Bepi Tosolini started as a grappa distillery in 1943, but over the years they have extended their collection to several other spirits and liqueurs. It is a family-run distillery based in the north-east of Italy, near Venice, always distilling using artisanal methods and without colour additives. It is such a stunning location to be working in, with views of the Friulian Alps and endless vineyards!


Amaretto Salizà

When I last visited the distillery I saw how a small team were making these liqueurs in small batches, carefully monitoring the process. The base spirit for Amaretto Salizà is MOST® eau de vie (similar to grappa, but made with the whole grape, which makes the spirit sweeter and softer on the palate). The Italian almonds are left to macerate in small stainless-steel tanks with MOST® eau de vie, and no sugar or artificial flavourings are added. It is a blend between distillation, carried out with manually operated steam stills, and infusion of sweet almonds.


Amaretto Salizà is a true almond distillate. It’s sweet, but not in a sickly kind of way. There’s a surprising lightness to it. Light, delicious and rounded on the palate with a fresh almond sweetness that leads to a long, candied finish. It has strong marzipan notes with a hint of honey and candied apricot. The taste is intense but well-balanced, and it has a beautiful nose of freshly ground almonds, toffee and orange peel. The colour is dark orange, almost caramel like, and the texture is like silk, almost velvety.

It’s perfect enjoyed neat or with ice, without compromising its intense flavour. Add to desserts or serve with ice cream. Delicious in many cocktails (see recipe ideas below). Bepi Tosolini has run several cocktail competitions in the UK creating new and exciting aperitif and digestif cocktails. In 2016 Amaretto Salizà was awarded “one of the top spirits in the world” by Wine Enthusiast.

Amaretto Salizà is an elegant and delicious drink. It won’t leave you disappointed; it leaves you wanting more!

Top 100 Spirits of 2016 Wine Enthusiast  cartello salizà 100 top spirits

The story behind the name

In a charming corner of Venice called Sestiere Castello, not far from San Marco Square, you can find a place called Salizà (or Salizada del Pignatter). If you look under the arch, you will find a dark red heart hidden, carved into the stone. Legend has it that couples who meet there will love each other forever.

Amaretto Salizà is a love potion; it is intense, sweet and perfect to share in a good company.

Bepi Tosolini 2016 UK.key


Salizà Sour

50ml Amaretto Salizà

10ml Sugar syrup (optional)

25ml Fresh lemon juice

½ Egg white

Dash of Angostura bitters

1 Cherry

Pour all ingredients into a Boston shaker and dry shake. Add ice, shake again and strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cherry and two to three dashes of Angostura bitters for extra flavour.

Salizà Cranberry

15ml Amaretto Salizà

30ml Vodka

50ml Cranberry juice

10ml Fresh orange juice

Shake all ingredients together with ice in a Boston shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass.


Bepi Tosolini 2016 UK.key


I have teamed up with my friends from Distillery Bepi Tosolini to give one lucky reader a chance to find out just how delicious Amaretto Salizà is. Simply follow On the Sauce Again and Bepi Tosolini, share this post on Twitter or Facebook with a hashtag #salizaamaretto for your chance to win a bottle!

Competition closes 2nd March 2017.

Good luck!!

*Amaretto Salizà and other Bepi Tosolini products are available in the UK at Marussia Beverages.

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